Brooke Shields vs. the National Enquirer

Brooke Shields vs. the National Enquirer

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Brooke Shields vs. the National Enquirer

Defending her mother from the tabloids

-Kelly Will

Brooke and Teri ShieldsBrooke Shields and her mother, Teri Shields, have had a tough relationship throughout the years, but events last week have brought out Brooke’s most nurturing side. A reporter from the National Enquirer allegedly checked her mother out of her nursing home in New Jersey on Thursday, and Brooke is going on the offensive to protect and defend her mom.

A close friend to the actress and longtime co-worker told me about their past, saying, “Brooke and Teri have had a very tumultuous mother/daughter relationship over the years, but as Teri has gotten up in age, Brooke has really forgiven her. We worked together for years, and Teri loved to get under Brooke’s skin, teasing and mocking her on-set in front of co-workers. At the time, Brooke was in her 30’s and thick-skinned enough to handle it, but it was still torture.”

Teri Shields, 75, suffers from dementia, and Brooke says she is living in the facility “temporarily.”The elderly woman was found just after being checked out of the nursing home in a restaurant nearby. Teri was having lunch with the National Enquirer freelance reporter, a person who claims to have been a friend for over 10 years. She was unharmed in the incident and brought back to the nursing home, but Brooke is furious and threatening legal action.

Brooke has replaced any indignant feelings towards Teri with ones of compassion. “Their relationship has really changed. When Brooke had her daughters, she decided to raise them differently, and Teri became a grandma. Brooke has softened so much towards her mother. Before the girls, the relationship was strained at best, and Brooke was definitely resentful of the way her mother treated her. Teri would fawn over and laugh with other actors on the set while hounding Brooke about her appearance. She had some great jokes at Brooke’s expense, but Brooke has forgiven and moved past it, miraculously.”

“It’s likely that Teri did have a longtime friendship with the reporter, but due to the dementia, Brooke doesn’t want anyone like that around her mother. Teri was certainly connected with Hollywood and many reporters from raising Brooke in the industry. Brooke feels Teri’s condition was taken advantage of and she will protect and defend Teri and make sure nothing like this happens again.”

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  1. I couldn’t’ believe it when I read about the National Enquirer / nursing home incident — incredible! But this is interesting to hear about her relationship with her mother — it’s nice to see time healing old wounds. Her mom sounds like she was pretty bad — though not surprising for someone who let their underage daughter pose like that!

  2. ‘yes, the reporter should be fired! also, DEFinitely nice to hear time heals everything!”
    The reporter will probably be fired for being found before getting every last piece of tripe out of Shields. Don’t you know the editors send reporters out to do these kinds of stories, and they come down heavy on the reporters if they fail? The scum of the tabloids starts at the top.

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