Brother Posts His Sister's Sex Life on Facebook

Is posting her "hook up list” taking revenge too far?
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Brother Posts His Sister’s Sex Life on Facebook

Is posting her “hook up list” taking revenge too far?

-Carrie Seim

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Think all those Facebook invites, status updates and “25 things I didn’t wish I didn’t know about you” lists are annoying? Just imagine if FB existed when you were in high school.

High school is bad enough when you have to deal with acne, raging hormones, SAT prep and strict parents – but then your brother gets mad and posts your “Hook Up List” on his profile. Suddenly all of FB can see who you’ve given a “HJ” to, who you’re saving your “V-Card” for and who taste-tested your varsity vajayjay. All annotated with college-ruled doodle hearts.

Oh. My. Facebook. God.

According to GearFuse, this really happened. Back in December, a young man named Chris was “ratted out” by his sister Katie for hiding a 12-pack of beer in his room. He was grounded for three months because, as he explains in his post, “My parents are Asian and all of you know that Asian parents are f***ing strict.”

In typical brotherly fashion, Chris vowed to get revenge. He supposedly rooted through Katie’s closet until he found this list of classmates Katie either had – or hoped to – hook-up with by a self-imposed April 2010 deadline. He posted it on his Facebook profile, taunting, “Everyone out there might think my sister is such a sweet and innocent girl, but … my sister is a whore.”

Adding insult to intimate injury, Chris tagged everyone who was named on Katie’s lust list, so Facebook would automatically alert them to the post. Is there a Facebook group for fratricide?

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I’d be suspicious this whole thing were a hoax or that Chris created his sister’s conquest sheet – except for the authentically adolescent replies to the post by Chris’ pals and Katie herself.

Facebook revenge

Someone named Taylor responds, “U are a dick! But this is so funny!” And Katie’s first response is, “TAKE THIS DOWN NOW! WHAT THE F*** IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?!?!”

Katie’s list is full of cringe-worthy (and unfortunately hilarious) observations. Next to lucky bachelor number seven, she writes, “If he cuts his hair I might give him a blowjob” – a thought that has crossed my mind more than once.

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