Bruce Springsteen May Be a Cheater, Too

Divorce court papers between a New Jersey couple claim Bruce Springsteen got in between their marriage.

Bruce Springsteen May Be a Cheater, Too

Divorce court papers between a New Jersey couple claim The Boss got in between their marriage.

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Bruce Springsteen

Even though they may or may not be true, sometimes we wish cheating stories were never published, as they ruin the image of people we admire – like Bruce Springsteen. The New York Post reports that divorce court papers between New Jersey housewife, Ann Kelly, 45, and her husband, Arthur Kelly, 47,  claim Ann had an affair with The Boss from 2005 to 2008.

In the court documents, Arthur claims his wife began seeing the legendary singer – who has been married to Patti Scialfa for 18 years – after the two met at their gym, The Atlantic Club in Red Bank, NJ, where they’d run side-by-side on the treadmill, and where Springsteen, 60, reportedly told Ann she had the “nicest ass.”

Ann Kelly

Over the course of their alleged three-year affair, Springsteen pampered Ann with front-row concert tickets, expensive lunches, and stolen kisses in the gym parking lot. Ann’s husband, who was well aware of the affair, took Ann to marriage counseling, where Bruce seemed to be the main topic of discussion.

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Arthur decided to end their marriage in 2008 when Ann apparently chose to see Bruce over visiting her husband in the hospital after he had open-heart surgery. Their ongoing divorce is supposed to be settled this week.

When contacted by the Post for comments, no parties replied. However, a friend of Springsteen’s said, “Bruce and Patti continue to have a terrific marriage and are very devoted to each other and their children.”

We hope this friend is right – we don’t know what we’d do if Bruce’s best love songs turned out to be about someone other than his wife. (New York Post

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