Bruno vs. Eminem: Staged or Real?

Was the run-in between Sacha Baron Cohen and Eminem at the MTV awards staged or real?

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Bruno vs. Eminem: Staged or Real?

Eminem gets apologies and Diet Coke

-Kelly Will

Eminem and BrunoEminem, AKA Slim Shady, was the talk of the room at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night. My MTV sources tell me that the stunt was planned and that Eminem was aware that Bruno AKA Sacha Baron Cohen would be dropping into his lap with very few clothes on and a naked bottom. The star agreed to play along for the sake of his comeback album, Relapse. The stunt went a bit awry as far as lots of nudity in Em’s face and producers did form a fast apology. Em left the theater as was planned in advance.

“His people did all the arranging of the stunt for him. Em does not like to talk to anyone that isn’t at the very top of the food chain, so he was brought in at the last minute. Eminem pulled his usual diva stuff during rehearsals, expecting the room to be empty and his assistants and bodyguards warning staff to avoid eye contact with him.”

Overall, my source tells me that the 36 year-old rapper was more mild than expected and his everyday demands include Diet Cokes for those bodyguards we saw punching Bruno in mid-stunt.

“His bodyguards are actually really friendly guys, there’s about six of them and they sit around and talk to everyone and drink Diet Coke. It’s pretty funny how chill they are versus how they appeared in the Bruno stunt.”

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  1. i saw this “performance” and i would like to say for starters, the MTV awards get worse and worse every season! also, Bruno seems like a real jerk (kidding or not) and Eminem deserves and A$$ in the face 😉 he shouldnt even try to make a comeback!!

  2. Coudn’t agree more, lotso! Only deals with the “top of the food chain!” I know those are your writer’s words, but you can almost picture that pompous, has-been a** saying that himself.

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