New Burger King Cologne

When food and cologne collide


I’d Like to MEAT You, Baby!

When food and cologne collide

-Stephanie Elliot

hamburgerImagine this.

You’re at a party, and you spot a sexy dark man staring at you from across the room. You can’t tear your eyes away from him. Throughout the night, you catch him watching you, and you find that you are doing the same. There’s an attraction you can’t deny. You can tell you hunger for each other. You just know.

But you will not make the first move.

Later, you see him move toward you but he brushes past, and you catch a whiff of his scent, and the desire to get to know him churns deeper. You’re on fire and yearning for him. Yet, you continue to play the game so you move to the buffet to satiate your hunger elsewhere.

You inhale again, and curiously you think he’s near, but when you turn, you discover he’s not. Yet you feel his presence. Somehow. Somewhere. He’s got to be. Instead, you fill your plate, heady from the scent of him. You will feed your desire until he returns. You are a carnivore, suddenly ravenous, so you will eat. And then, he is near you again, and his arms surround your waist, and his mouth is pressing against your neck, and you smell him. And you want.

You drop your plate … forget about that filet mignon and béarnaise sauce! Your fantasy has just become reality. Fire has met desire!

Little did you know that your mystery man was wearing Burger King’s (YES, BURGER KING’s!) new body spray, FLAME.

Well, why not? Victoria Secret’s has its own body spray, department stores have their own, and even celebrities create their own individual scents! Why can’t a Whopper have its own perfume? Equal rights for burgers my friends!

At first, we were stumped, was this FOR REAL? But a quick call to the PR peeps confirmed that this is no joke. Even with a tagline of “behold the scent of seduction, with a hint of flame-broiled meat,” and the BK freaky-king guy lying on a bearskin rug (you’ll have to “spray” Flame at for that image!), this is for serious.

I just wish someone would create a computer that could emit smells already because I’m dying for a whiff, but I guess I’ll just have to wait patiently until my bottle arrives in the mail (ONLY $3.99!), because you betcha I ordered my hubby some spray. What can I say, I’ve always preferred flame-broiled over fried!

Stephanie Elliot is Betty’s parenting editor and blogs at

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