Buy Two Pairs of Running Shoes

Two pair of shoes are better than one when it comes to running

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Running Shoes: Two Pairs Are Better Than One

-Dr. Jeannette Anderson

Running shoes

Want an excuse to buy more shoes? Here’s a tip from Dr. Jeannette Anderson about running shoes:

You’ve got umpteen pairs of black heels, but so many women have just one pair of running shoes! You should always have two pair of the same shoe. It doesn’t matter if you use them inside or outside. Rotate them every other run or a couple of times per week.

To read more from Dr. Anderson about running on treadmills and outside, click here.

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0 thoughts on “Buy Two Pairs of Running Shoes

  1. kisskiss says:

    Hahahaha! Love this advice, short but sweet!

  2. hipstergal23 says:

    I would, but good sneakers these days are way too expensive

  3. Skyler24 says:

    this is soooo true!

  4. cloo says:

    My shoes get worn out pretty fast.

  5. Shanece says:

    Modell’s has a good selection of running shoes, and it’s categorized for women running, women walking, etc etc

  6. Candice says:

    I should get on this and get myself another pair.

  7. athena231 says:

    Running shoes are awesome. I also LOVE sneakers… :)

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