Survive the First Year with The Rookie Mom's Handbook

Survive that first year of motherhood with The Rookie Mom's Handbook.

New Mom Must-Have!

The Rookie Mom’s Handbook

How to survive that first year

-Michelle Kemper Brownlow

The Rookei Mom's HandbookThere is no doubt that after your baby is born, you forget how to do the ordinary. The things that came so naturally before, like running to the store, grabbing coffee at the local cafe, etc., become more of an event than they once were. Now you have to plan for spit-up and poop along the way, as well as gather all the appropriate paraphernalia to stave off events that could turn out to be catastrophic. So, what do we do? We end up staying home to avoid the extra stress, which in turn causes us to become resentful and jealous of the life we once lived.

Heather Gibbs Flett and Whitney Moss decided early in their tandem pregnancies that they were not going to be stuck-in-the-house statistics. They were going to go against the grain and stay busy, do all those things they did before without a struggle and remain content in their new job as moms. But how?

The two friends started by making activity lists and creating a blog. After much feedback, they decided to write a diaper-bag-size book to help all moms keep their sanity after having a baby.

The Rookie Mom’s Handbook is jam-packed with 250 creative ideas to get you through the first year. The month-by-month layout makes those drop-of-a-hat outings easier than shake-and-pour formula. It would be ridiculous to expect to have a great conversation with a friend at a quiet café with a noisy 12-month-old, but Activity No. 234 – Stay out ’til dark, highlights the fun that can be had in heading out to the mall or park with a double stroller, a friend and her baby, and staying active until bedtime.

Creative ideas to create lasting memories are a big part of Flett and Moss’s book as well. Activity No. 15/Month 1 – Find a cozy spot for a monthly picture gets Mom started taking a picture each month to scrapbook or frame baby’s first year, an activity most of us wish we had thought of before it was too late.

Activity No. 106/Month 5 – Be in love comes along just about the time you begin to remember you DO have a husband. In all the stress and chaos of being mommy for the first (or second or third time), sometimes we forget to celebrate the love that got us there. This activity has moms searching for prebaby couplehood photos, framing and displaying them as a reminder of just how much love there is in your home.

Since viewing The Rookie Mom’s Handbook, I am now certain I will never be without a gift for a friend when she brings home that bundle of time-sucking joy! 

Michelle Kemper Brownlow is a freelance parenting writer, popular mommy blogger and Web show host who wishes she had owned this book when her tweens were born. Brownlow’s humorous ramblings about motherhood and web show episodes can be seen on her blog, My Semblance of Sanity.

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