Call of Nature: Use Your Cell When In a Tight Spot! gives you directions to the nearest CLEAN public restroom, among other things.

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When you’ve really, really gotta go, just text to find the nearest restroom near you

-Mary Beth Sammons

woman holding a cell phoneDuring these stressful times, when it feels like your money and your foundation are being flushed down the toilet, here’s something new on the loo front: An Internet service that comes to the rescue in those leg-crossing moments when you really, really just gotta go. Called, it tells you where the nearest clean public restroom is. Seriously.

In times of urgent need, all you do is text in your address or nearest intersection, and you’ll get the info on the closest place to find relief. There’s also some comical relief on the site, like a page with looisms and a contest for Flush of the Year, where you vote for your favorite restroom. Seems it is the latest offering from the San Francisco-based Yojo Mobile, which creates targeted time and location-based mobile services that answer questions like: Where is a good restaurant to take my child? What events are happening nearby? And now: Help!!! Where can I pee? You’ve got to love the power of social networking!

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