Can We Make this Work?

A woman asks if she and her boyfriend can make an odd living situation work.


Can We Make this Work?

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I met my boyfriend online in January of last year, and he moved in with me in March. In May he said as soon as he could afford to he wanted his own place because my kids are too messy and disrespectful of me and my house. Since then a lot has changed in that area, but apparently not enough as he has informed me that now, since he finally found a job after a year, he is ready to move. He says I will have a key and can come and go as I please, and he plans on still spending every other weekend at my house because that’s when we both have our kids. He also said I can keep a lot of his furniture etc. at my house, and he is willing to help me financially.

I think this arrangement might work for the time being since he works nights and I don’t see him much anyway, plus when I do he still complains about my kids. Most of my friends think I am crazy & should just end this relationship.What do you think??

Steven: Admittedly this seems like the opposite direction you want to be heading in. For example, if he has issues with your kids, why are you not getting that handled and worked out? Overall this is not a good sign and it doesn’t look good. My questions are: Are you standing up for yourself? What is important to you? Are you doing what is best for your kids? The answers to those questions will tell you what you need to do in this situation.

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