Candy-Colored Clothing for Men?

This spring is all about men in bright colors!

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Pretty (Handsome) in Pink!

Candy-colored clothing for men?

-Judy McGuire

male model wearing a yellow suitAccording to the venerable Wall Street Journal, this spring is all about men in bright, cheery colors and cutely clashing patterns. I for one, applaud this move.

Within reason.

For example, if my 6’5″ boyfriend were to come home dressed in head-to-toe neon green, there’d be an intervention, because ginormous fluorescent froggie is not what I want cuddling up next to me at night. However, if he walked in wearing a pair of jeans with an electric-blue oxford, I’d compliment him on his snazzy new purchase. Ditto a pair of chartreuse kicks or screaming orange sweater. When donning the neon, moderation is key.

male model wearing yellowIn certain parts of the country, colorful clothing for men has never gone out of style. Am I the only one who grew up surrounded by men wearing bright green corduroy slacks with little golf clubs embroidered all over them? Or madras shorts? Preppies have always been all about the color.

As were the ‘80s. The best of disco and new wave fashions are all the rage once more. Superstar designer the late Stephen Sprouse was a big proponent of day-glo clothing. Ignored for the past few years, his style was just the subject of a big show at the well-respected Deitch Gallery in Soho. Could legwarmers be far behind? Oh wait, they’re already here! 

It makes sense that bright colors are coming back-our country’s economy is in the crapper and it doesn’t look like it’ll be recovering anytime soon. Who wants to wear charcoal – aren’t we depressed enough already?

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0 thoughts on “Candy-Colored Clothing for Men?

  1. Love the jacket in the first pic and the sweater in the second! I think any guy can pull it off if they’re comfortable in what they’re wearing. Personally, I’m with Judy on accents of color. The whole outfit is a little much for me.

  2. I love a man in a pink shirt or tie! … but what I am really concerned about are those pants in the second picture. They are distressing. They look like Jersey mom jeans from 1989.

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