Caroline Kennedy Denied, Yet Again

Caroline Kennedy has been rejected by the Vatican as a possible ambassador

Mean Betty

Caroline Kennedy Denied, Yet Again

Perhaps the spotlight isn’t for you, dear?

-Mean Betty

Caroline KennedyThough Mean Betty is loathe to tread in political waters, Mean Betty just has to say … Poor Caroline Kennedy. She’s a loser once again. It seems that President Obama wanted to reward Caroline, who was a supporter during his campaign, with a nice ambassadorship to the Vatican (apparently an iPod wouldn’t do the trick). But, this time, it is not the Governor of New York who turned her down but the Holy See, itself.

You know, Caroline wanted to replace Hillary Clinton as Senator from New York, you know, but dropped out amidst criticism she, you know, lacked both experience and, you know, political savvy. There were also rumors of some personal problems that might have made her nomination dicey. (Mean Betty is dying to know what those were! Not that Mean Betty condones gossip. No, no my dears.) She also said “you know” so many times during interviews that it became a recurring joke from late-night comedians.

Since then, Caroline has stayed out of sight (where, one might argue, is where she belongs). An ambassadorship to the Vatican might have been a nice idea since her father, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was America’s first Catholic president. And being Ambassador to the Vatican (which basically consists of 110 acres and a lot of breathtaking art) does not exactly take the diplomatic skills of, oh, say, being ambassador to Iraq.

But, guess what, pets? The Vatican appears to have indicated Caroline Kennedy would not be acceptable.

Why? Because she is pro-choice–and (duh) that is a definite no-no. Raymond Flynn, a former U.S. ambassador to the Vatican, said earlier this week that she would be a poor choice.”It’s imperative, it’s essential that the person who represents us to the Holy See be a person who has pro-life values. I hope the President doesn’t make that mistake,” he told the Boston Herald. “She said she was pro-choice. I don’t assume she’s going to change that, which is problematic.”

Um, gee, something tells Mean Betty that Caroline isn’t going to go pro-choice all of a sudden. And, quelle surprise–the Vatican doesn’t want a pro-choicer as their link to the U.S. of A.

So Caroline Kennedy has probably received another rejection, this time in her Easter basket. Mean Betty wonders how she will cheer herself up–perhaps by stroking her unfairly beautiful hair and playing “Sweet Caroline” over and over. At least Neil Diamond knew a good thing when he saw it.

Don’t you wonder what’s next for Caroline? And how she will take this apparent new brush-off? Supporting Barack Obama was a great gift to him at the time, but he doesn’t seem to be able to return the favor so far. For years Caroline was admired for gracefully avoiding the limelight, but now, whatever she does seems to provoke controversy, and the only reward she gets are those unflattering headlines.

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0 thoughts on “Caroline Kennedy Denied, Yet Again

  1. Now Mean Betty — aren’t you being a little Mean here without much to go on? Leave Caroline alone! Who even knows if she really wanted — or asked — for the ambassadorship?

  2. I’d say you have said it all Mean Betty! I couldn’t have said it better if I tried! Sweet Caroline needs to stay out of the public eye, no one cares about her!

  3. Why are they bending over backwards to give her anything? Her only qualifications are that she’s the daughter of a famous political family, she’s hardly worked in the arena to be qualified. What a joke!

  4. Why should she back off Caroline? She wants to be in the press, everything is fair game! Caroline would of had to of dealt with more mud-slinging if she had become senator, you need to have thick skin to be in the public eye!

  5. Mean Betty, you are a hoot! Caroline needs to go back to what she did best, showing up at the kennedy centers honors in December and stop trying to be a wannabe political hack!

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