Casual Friday, the True Meaning

What not to wear on Casual Friday.

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What Casual Friday Really Means

Jeans and heels, or minis and flip flops?

-Megan Southwick

Britney SpearsA while back when a pre-rehab Britney Spears pranced into a public restroom with booty shorts and nothing on her feet, I think we all breathed a collective “Ewwwwwww.”

I mean, there’s casual, and then there’s casual. Brit definitely fell into the latter category that day. Flip-flops and some new extensions would have dressed her outfit up.

So where do YOU fall on the casual spectrum, especially when it comes to work? And more specifically, Casual Friday? Are you a tailored jeans and heels girl or a mini and platform sandals girl?

If you fall into the second category, you might want to review your wardrobe choices. There are several items that should never ever, on pain of death, ever be worn to work. And if some of these have found their way into your work wardrobe, get rid of them, lest you become known as Brit-Brit around the office.

1. Loungewear of any sort. I don’t care if the set cost more than my mortgage payment, if you show up in the office wearing any sort of loungey gym gear (this also goes for yoga pants), people will think you just don’t care. It’s the equivalent of wearing your pajamas to work. Juicy Couture or not.

2. Leggings. I thought about putting leggings in the loungewear category, but they are so prevalent these days I think they deserve a spot of their own on the list. Leggings are never okay. Not under skirts. Not under shirts. Not with flats, or newsboy caps. Don’t do it. Dr. Seuss would never allow it.

3. Crocs. I know they are all the rage, and really, they do look just darling on Mario Batali (he has to have something to distract from that thinning ponytail!), but unless your job requires them, as part of a uniform or such, leave them at home for the weekend. (Or better yet, bury them in the backyard where they belong. – Ed)

4. Clothing that shows too much skin. Said skin could be thigh, cleavage, belly, butt crack – don’t smirk, you know it happens. Everyone knows at least one person with whom they are a little more familiar than they’d like to be. You don’t have to go Amish, but if you are wearing clothing to the office that looks like you are on perpetual Rumspringa, it’s time to re-evaluate.

5. Anything too edgy. Casual Friday is not the day to proclaim to the entire office that you enjoy piercings and black nailpolish. Even in creative, open-minded offices, it can be hard to be taken seriously with this image. The same applies to torn fishnets, obscenely tall vinyl platform boots and the like. While all are valid, they just aren’t for the office.

The bottom line is this: when your employer says “Casual Friday” they really mean “Not-as-Dressy Friday.” Keep that in mind as you browse your closet full of tee-shirts and Havianas this week!

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