Celeb Gossip: Top 5 Picks: Debbie Rowe Never Wanted to be a Mom

Celeb Gossip on Debbie Rowe, Lindsay Lohan, Meryl Streep, and The Brady Bunch

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Celeb Gossip: Top 5 Picks

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Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson1. While Debbie Rowe has declared her intention to seek custody of her two children with Michael Jackson, and possibly his third child as well, Us magazine has published quotes she gave in a 2003 interview that don’t exactly make it seem like she’d be the world’s best mom.

“Parenting is an art; you earn the title,” Rowe said. “Because you give birth and impregnate someone does not automatically give you the title of mother or father – you earn the title.”

She went on to reveal that the kids Prince, now 12, and Paris, 11, didn’t call her mom, “because I don’t want them to.” And added that she “would never have had children” if it hasn’t been for how much she loved Michael.

By all accounts Michael was a caring parent, but Rowe confessed that she wasn’t exactly hands-on: “I didn’t change diapers. I didn’t get up in the middle of the night – even when I was there. Michael did it all. I am telling you that he is the most brilliant father. Almost before the baby needed something, he knew what it was. And that’s not for me.”

This begs the question of course of what kind of parent she’d be now. (Us magazine

Lindsay Lohan2. We’ve thought for years that there ought to be a law against Lindsay Lohan‘s tanorexia, but we didn’t foresee it playing out like this. A Florida woman is suing the actress, claiming that Lindsay and celebrity spray-tanner Lorit Simon stole her secret formula for their spray-on tan Sevin Nyne.

In a federal suit, Chemist Jennifer Sunday says her company developed a spray-on tanning mist for Simon, who then ripped off the formula.

Lindsay Tweeted about the suit, saying, “No formula was stolen for Sevin Nyne It’s a woman looking for a payday. That’s it!”

The 23-year-old launched the product this summer and calls the product her “sunless secret.” It is named after her lucky numbers. Looks like Lindsay might need to pick some new digits. (NY Post)

3. Kelly Preston, who lost her son Jett in January, is set to speak publicly for the first time about her loss at a conference in October. The actress and wife of John Travolta will join Elizabeth Edwards and Susan St. James (who have also lost children) to speak at a the California Governor’s Conference for Women, an event to be hosted by Maria Shriver.

Kelly Preston

“If she can empower one other woman who feels like they can’t get out of bed, or get through the day, whatever the loss, it’ll be worthwhile sharing her story,” says Shriver.

The three women will speak on a panel called Grief & Resilience. Other speakers at the event being held in Long Beach on October 26-27 include Cindy and Meghan McCain, who will speak out on how to raise a self-confident child, Caroline Kennedy, Alicia Keys, Madeleine Albright, Annie Leibovitz, Danica Patrick and reality show star Kate Gosselin (who Shriver invited at the urging of her daughters). (People)

4. Meryl Streep went through a physical transformation to play legendary TV chef Julia Child in the new film Julie & Julia but says “it was worth it.”

“I gained 15 pounds,” Meryl told Ladies Home Journal. “I’m still trying to lose it.”

Meryl Streep

Meryl relished the chance to play a woman described as a Christmas tree, saying that Julia and her mom shared that same sense of joy.

“In a way, it was a perfect moment to pay tribute to my mother, who was sort of that person in my life. She was somebody who turned the lights on when she came into a room. I have a much more reserved side. But I’ve always wanted to be more like her, so playing Julia gave me the chance.”

She also revealed that she got a lot of cooking tips working on the film: “Mostly what I learned has to do with equipment and how to use it right. You need a very good pan and if you don’t have a really good pan, it’s never going to work. And always cook at a high heat. The other thing I learned was, and I’ve been cooking for hundreds of years, that if you have garlic and onions on your fingertips, if you dip your hands in salt and then rinse them in cool water, the smell goes right away.”

5. Maureen McCormick took to her blog yesterday to reveal that the six Brady Bunch “kids” have been invited to reunite on Oprah in September, but there is one holdout: Eve Plumb, who played her sister, Jan.

The Brady Bunch

“All of us said yes except for one person, Eve Plumb, who used to be my best friend but now apparently wants to distance herself from the show and, most troubling, from me … I have no idea why, unless she’s mad at the joke I made a few years ago that we’d had a lesbian love affair. I made the crack to be funny- and for shock value. I’m sorry if she took offense.”

But Eve’s agent responded, saying, “No one from ‘Oprah’ called. We haven’t turned down anything. There is no feud.”

Phew! Cause otherwise we could have imagined the pair reuniting on a shocking episode of Jerry Springer. (NY Post)

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  1. I really think the kids should be with their Grandmother and if Rowe really wants them she should just accept visitation rights or partial custody and not take them from the only family they know

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