Celeb Trend Alert: Is Short Hair Sexier?

Why are Christina, Jessica and the gals cutting it all off?
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Use the right product
If you have wavy or curly hair, use moisturizing cream-based products that smooth and define your hair texture, such as Living Proof No Frizz Wave Shaping, Curl Defining Styling Treatment ($24, sephora.com).

Styling cream

“Once your hair is completely dry, then apply a pomade or paste for hold, but only use it when hair is completely dry – otherwise hair becomes frizzy,” says Serafino.

Artec Texture Line Paste ($14.99, amazon.com).

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Whether you have straight or wavy hair, if you want to go sleek, use an anti-frizz product, such as Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream ($32.98, amazon.com), and blow dry hair straight, aiming the nozzle down to smooth the hair shaft and prevent frizz. Next, run a straightening iron through your hair.

Styling cream

Serafino raves about SalonTech Silicone 450 flat iron ($200, www.salontech.com), which has silicone bars to hold hair in place and straightens hair in one quick pass, reducing damage. “It’s the best straightening iron – it heats up quickly and you can get your hair bone-straight or use the iron to kick out the ends or roll them under.”

Flat Iron

Tell us: would you cut your hair short?

Rachel Grumman is a freelance health and beauty writer based in New York City.

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0 thoughts on “Celeb Trend Alert: Is Short Hair Sexier?

  1. Gotta say that nothing is better in the summer than a sweet short do! I definitely prefer my hair longer, but there’s nothing sexy about sweaty, frizzy too-long hair when the temperature starts to rise. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I’m with uptowngirl. I rock all kinds of lengths depending on what I’m in the mood for for that hair cut. But my hair grows fast so short cuts are not intimidating. I did short for the last two years or so and now I’m back to long and loving it. Although short dried and styled faster.

  3. oh my god like long hair is soo over rated and like..totally not ‘in’ anymore.

    FUUUCK NO. i love long hair and i don’t care if its in or out of style.

  4. I think Christina Aguillera and Halle Berry look absolutely GORGEOUS with short hair! My favorite look for Demi Moore was in “Ghost” when she had that pixie cut because her face is so beautiful. She wears her hair long now because it makes her look as young as Ashton.
    I’m 56 years old and would trade with ANY of you girls just to HAVE hair again! (I have terminal cancer.) But previously when I let my hair grow longer, I couldn’t wait to cut it all off. When my hair was very short, I had women stop me every day asking who cut it. I have big brown eyes and naturally blonde hair, and those short cuts made me look very striking and sophisticated. I always wore fabulous chandelier earrings (still do) that accented it that much more.
    It takes a special lady with guts and a don’t-give-a-damn attitude to rock really short hair! And one always has to wear bold eye makeup and brightly colored lips, or risk looking like a boy………

  5. I have losed my hair,as a result I wear either hats or scrafs…I have shaved what was left off. But I afraid to go out without a hat or scraf…help an old lady will you…I have a small head.My daughter whos is 30 say “go for it”

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