Celebs Will not be Partying Like Rock Stars this NYE

Star-studded New Year's Eve events are falling apart due to the economy.


Celebs Partying Like Rock Stars on NYE? Maybe not

Star-Studded New Year’s parties toned down in this economy

-Megan Southwick

Lindsay Lohan2008 hasn’t exactly been a big party. Two wars. A trashed economy. A housing market with no bottom. Jobless claims hitting new highs every time we turn around – no, not exactly a party in my book. So I’m not exactly clamoring to pay $1000+ to go to a jam-packed, celebrity-hosted party in South Beach – and as it turns out, no one else is either.

Where once you could easily drop a grand just to get IN to a NYE party, the bills are significantly lower this year (though, that could be because the celeb quality is also lower – they aren’t stupid, what celeb do you know that would give up their NYE for a paltry sum?).

Last year, at the Setai in South Beach, you could get dinner and four songs with Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson for a mere $1500. This year? Pay only $750 for the entire evening – but the only excitement on the bill is a “surprise celebrity guest.” (I don’t know about you, but I’d pay $750 NOT to be surprised by say, Carrot Top or Tara Reid.)

DiddyYou can save some bucks in South Beach this year, though you may only be going to a club where a celeb is “hosting,” rather than performing: Diddy will be at the LIV for a mere $300; La Lohan and Samantha Ronson will be at Mansion for $200 (another two people I’d pay NOT to see); T.I. will be at the Gansevoort for $225; and the Roots are at the Florida Room for $350.

Those may be bargains in the nightclub world, but it’s clear that the times are changing – at least for now. A celebrity used to be able to snag a cool $100,000 just to say a few words into a mike and then disappear for the night – now, even DJs are having to settle for a regular night’s wage.

While this may be signaling a turn to more “low-key” celebrations, if you simply MUST ring in the New Year with a celeb, here’s a fairly complete list of where to go and who to see. Enjoy!

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