Celebrity Dreams-and What They Mean

Your nighttime fantasies could be telling you something.
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Celebrity Dreams—and What They Mean

Your nighttime fantasies could be telling you something.

-Jane Farrell

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Ever dream that you were taking a bubble bath with Johnny Depp and Oprah walked in and started feeding you chicken soup? Or that you won a contest to cut Brad Pitt’s beard as Jennifer Aniston watched while wearing nothing but a ski mask? Maybe Madonna sat you down for a heart-to-heart talk on fitness whilst speaking in her fake British accent and suddenly her hair turned red, and it turned out she was really Conan O’Brien.

You’re not alone. Thousands of us fantasize through the night about the celebrities we read and hear so much about during the day. Dream expert Lauri Loewenberg, who hosts a daily radio show and is the author of So, What Did You Dream Last Night? and Cracking the Dream Code, has an insightful overview of the celebrity-dreaming phenomenon and what it all means. Although there’s lust in a lot of dreams about celebrities, Loewenberger says that “there’s something about these celebrities that we identify with in ourselves. We’re celebrating the qualities we recognize and want.”

Based on her research over the past ten years, Lauri has singled out the five celebrities people dream about most frequently:

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