Celeb Gossip: Top 5 Picks: Candy Spelling Claims Tori "Killed" Her Father

Celebrity gossip: Candy Spelling claims daughter Tori "killed" her father, Kate Hudson still dating A-Rod, and more.

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Celeb Gossip: Top 5 Picks

-Carolyn French

Candy and Tori Spelling1. If their mother-daughter relationship was strained before, it is now utterly unsalvageable. Candy Spelling opened up a can of worms on Thursday when she sat down for an interview with 94.7 WMAS in Springfield, Mass. The irksome billionaire had the guts to publicly state that daughter Tori “killed” father Aaron Spelling.

“My husband was very ill, and he had stopped eating and taking liquids,” Candy announced. “He called Tori on a daily basis, and never stopped asking if Tori had returned his call. We had to say no every day.”

Recognizing the ramifications of her little comments, Candy is now saying that she should have taken a moment to think before opening her big mouth. Yeah, probably wouldn’t have hurt … (Omg!)

2. According to a new issue of In Touch family members are warning Kate Hudson about the potential heartbreak that comes with dating womanizing baseball pro Alex Rodriguez. The flirty actress has been hanging on his every word, and has been staying with him night after night. Is Hudson about to get a taste of her own love-me-and-leave-me medicine? (Page Six)

3. LeAnn Rimes has done a bang-up job of ruining Brandi Glanville‘s marriage to Eddie Cibrain. The once happy couple is teetering on the edge of disaster thanks to the actor’s inability to stay the heck away from the country-music star. The two just keep “running into” each other, ya know, without even trying. Sources claim that Brandi was totally willing to give her cheating hubby a second shot, but then she saw last week’s pics of Eddie and LeAnn getting chatty at a bar. Are we really surprised? Please, once a cheater always a cheater.(Celebitchy)

Leonardo DiCaprio4. Newsflash dude: You’re a millionaire! 34-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio still refuses to dress like a grownup, despite the fact that he could have anything his Golden Globe-winning heart desires. How does this guy’s string of exes include Bar Refaeli and Gisele Bundchen?? (Just Jared)

5. Fans of American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert will be pleased to hear that the guyliner-enthusiast wasn’t the least bit upset over Clay Aiken’s rude remarks. In fact Lambert, who doesn’t know the singer personally, seems to find the whole controversy downright amusing. “I’m glad he’s getting headlines now though, because he wasn’t before,” Adam mused. All that and sass too, we knew we liked this boy! (Usmagazine.com)

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  1. Candy Spelling is ridiculous at this point. Even if Tori did ANY of the things Candy has said she did, Candy is the mom and should be trying to make amends instead of dragging this out in public. I’m no fan of Tori’s, but I feel bad for her as a daughter and worse for her kids that they have no maternal grandfather OR grandmother.

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