Celeb Gossip: Top 5 Picks: Paris Hilton's New Bestie!

Celebrity gossip: Paris Hilton's new bestie, Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger have a dinner date, and more.

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Celeb Gossip: Top 5 Picks

-Carolyn French

Paris Hilton and a camel

1. Aww, someone’s found a new bestie! Paris Hilton is presently making waves -remember that illegal bikini she sported? – in Dubai while filming the upcoming season of her lackluster reality show, but has still managed to set aside time to tweet. Who could blame Princess Paris when you happen upon a photo-op like this? (PopEater)

2. Apparently promoting your tan-in-a-can line during a much needed poll party in Vegas constitutes as work … if you’re Lindsay Lohan. The Samantha Ronson groupie is attempting to fool us into believing that she’s actually a busy busy bee.

“It’s not that hard to be me, but I do work harder than most of my friends’ parents,” LiLo told Britain’s OK! magazine. “I am the hardest-working person I know. I’m a workaholic. I don’t know what to do when I’m not working. I get creatively frustrated.”

If Lindsay ever wants to venture back into the music ‘biz, we have the perfect name for her band – Delusions of Grandeur. (I’m Not Obsessed)

Mischa Barton3. Party time! Former OC actress Mischa Barton had one heck of an evening in London on Tuesday. She hit up two different clubs, and was heavily scolded for dragging her equally thrashed gal pal into the ladies room at Whiskey Mist. A bathroom attendant stopped the celeb and her no-name buddy, and demanded that they enter the loo at different times. Mischa was absolutely livid but eventually succumbed to the command, forcing her pal to wait while she took a day and a half in the lonesome cubicle. Barton took so long in fact that the attendant had to continuously bang on the door, after which the star reemerged, asking what all the fuss was about. Do we really need to spell it out for her? And who wears sunglasses at two in the morning? (Daily Mail)

4. “He seemed to be hanging on to Renee’s every word. They were lost in their own little world.” It’s been roughly 10 years since we’ve heard anything about Cold Mountain star Renee Zellweger — or at least it feels that way! The quiet-as-a-mouse beauty was spotted having dinner with Case 39 costar Bradley Cooper in NYC last night. The actors, who reportedly looked super chummy while nibbling on the best that Italian cuisine has to offer, are supposedly just friends. Now where have we heard that one before … (Omg!)

5. Snarky-with-a-heart judge Simon Cowell may soon be able to afford his own planet, providing he agrees to sign on for one more season of American Idol. The no-nonsense Brit has been offered up to $144 million, roughly three or four times more than he’s used to pulling in. This isn’t rocket science, Simon, what are you waiting for?? (New York Daily News)

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  1. At least Paris has stopped wearing bikinis over there…and is Mischa Barton working anymore?…and lastly I thought Bradly Cooper and Jenn Aniston were rumored to be dating?

  2. I 2nd Shanece and Candice.

    And poor Paris Hilton. She’s become so boring since she lost her other half, Nicole. But, Nicole is better without Paris. hmmmm

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