Celeb Gossip: Top 5 Picks: Is This the End of Brad and Angie?

Celebrity gossip: Is this the end of Brad and Angie? Whitney Houston to release new album, and more.

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Celeb Gossip: Top 5 Picks

-Carolyn French

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie1. While we usually take these ‘broken marriage’ stories with a grain of salt, it sounds as though Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s relationship truly is hanging on by a billion-dollar thread. During the Cannes Film Festival red-carpet walk, they grinned like blissful newlyweds, but as CelebTV.com reports, “things turned ice cold” once the cameras stopped rolling. An in-the-know source has revealed to the National Enquirer that this is the end of the line, and that the gorgeous power couple’s lovefest is merely a show … a show that the two are exceedingly “tired of putting on.” Brad and Angie are planning to spend the summer apart, and the odds that they will reconnect – outside of a courtroom – aren’t looking good. However, there is still hope, as their reps are firmly stating that everything is fine. The question is, do we believe them? (CelebTV.com)

2. That’s one rumor down the drain. Scrawny mommy Ashlee Simpson was thought to be preggers with her second child, but apparently she isn’t quite prepared to welcome another spawn into her family unit. Partying is her chief priority it seems, and on Monday she was spotted staggering around the VIP area at Wiltern Theatre in L.A. She then began to randomly chuck insults at hubby Pete Wentz‘s ex, Michelle Trachtenberg, before full-on screaming – “I hope you know, the whole time you were dating Pete, I was [bleep]ing him!” Geez louise! Chill Pill, meet Ashlee. (New York Post)

3. A clinically insane – we’re guessing – admirer of Paris Hilton just made the biggest mistake of her young life: Tracing over the heiress’s autograph with a tattoo tool. Yep, some unfortunate soul is roaming the streets with a wrist tatt that reads “Paris” in cutesy cursive, complete with a tiny heart. Think she’ll regret it when she’s, oh, 50 – if not well before? (TMZ)

Britney Spears4. OK, who are the brainiacs behind this little number? Mock gorilla fur, neon ‘80s glasses and a glittery cowboy hat … good job guys. Seriously, what is up with Britney Spears‘ tour gear? We understand that they’re trying to go for this whole Circus thing, but helllloooo there are better ways of going about it! (Just Jared)

5. Holy moly, she’s baaaack. Come September, former (?) megastar Whitney Houston will release a brand-new album, and despite her substance-abuse issues and other public roadblocks, you just know people are going to go wild, we sure will! And, much to our delight, producer Clive Davis says that Whitney‘s trademark sound won’t be altered to mesh with today’s hip-hip radio market. Bravo! (ETonline.com)

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  1. What is UP with Britney? I don’t get why anyone would see her show or care that she’s “back.” If my voice was always that synthesized, I’d be a pop star too…

  2. Whatever, you know what it is really sad that you people are so hard on britney, I think it is that you people are just jealous that she’s got it and you just, well, DON’T!!

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