Celebrities: National Singles Week

This article, featuring Jennifer Aniston, is about National Singles Week.

The Single Life

Celebs and National Singles Week

Single days are here again!

-Carrie Seim

Jennifer AnistonIt’s that time of year when we singletons (celebrities or not) gather together, light a cozy fire under wedding gowns we may never wear, curl up in the enormous bed we have all to ourselves and celebrate that most treasured of holidays – National Singles Week.

Almost one-third of all Americans aged 30 to 34 have never been married, according to Unmarried America. That’s up from barely 7 percent in 1970. (Good news for independent women and self-help book authors everywhere!)

And if you feel like you’re the only freaking single rider on the entire planet, take comfort in this statistic: more than half of American households are now headed by “party of one” peeps, according to the 2005 Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (an update on the 2000 Census).

Which is why this holiday requires not just 24 hours of celebrating, but an entire week.

In honor of the big event, we’ve guessing how these recently single celebs might be celebrating their own National Singles Week.

Jennifer Aniston: Flirting with Zac Efron so she can snag a musician BF with even more youth, emo-power and eyeliner than ex John Mayer.

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan: Flirting with Donatella Versace so he can land a GF even blonder/orangier/scalier than ex Linda Hogan.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway: Flirting with Pete Doherty so she can date a SB (sleezeball) with even more jail time than ex Raffaello Follieri.

Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman: F’ing Matt Damon. Obviously.

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