Celebs: Are They Really Suffering?

Have celebrities truly been affected by the economic crisis?


Celebrities and Recession-Chic

Are they really suffering?

-Megan Southwick

Jessica BielFirst they flaunted the Manolos, the Birkins, the Hermes. Then there were the tiny dogs. And tiny dogs in bags that cost more than the tiny dogs themselves.

Celebs go through trends like they go through love affairs. There was fur. Then AIDS. Then vegan. Then green.

Now, the latest celeb trend is to act as if they’re following the economic path of the rest of us. Woe are they, worried about their economic plights. Poor Bee Shaffer, the daughter of Vogue‘s Anna Wintour is worried about her job prospects once she graduates in May, saying she might “take the summer off and then go from there.” Oh the terror! That’s a nice option to have, Miss Wintour.

So, while we are cutting back on food, prescriptions and holiday gifts, you might wonder what our fave celebs are cutting back on. Hmm. We have no idea either. Here’s what they are NOT cutting back on, according to Women’s Wear Daily:

FacialsHilary Swank and Rosanna Arquette both. I don’t know about you, but my facial has been reduced to the Target brand apricot scrub. I’m not even shelling out for Philosophy products (my faaavorites) anymore.

Shiva Rose? Maybe she’s cut back on some expenses, but not on the uber-luxe Crème de la Mer – which, as you may know, can run upwards of $1300. *cough* (That’s more than my mortgage.)

Salma Hayek is engaged to her baby daddy, but instead of cutting wedding costs by doing her own flowers or wearing an off-the-rack dress, she is planning a wedding to the tune of about $3.5 million. If only she’d have that wedding here instead of France, she might single-handedly turn this recession around!

Jessica Biel is “not ready to give up” first class travel (and why should you, sweetie?) and Amy Smart “cannot LIVE without organic food stuff”. Like, we TOTALLY understand!

See – the celebrities they ARE just like us!

What can’t YOU give up in these times of economic turmoil?

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