Channing Tatum: "Marriage Has Made Me a Better Man”

The Dear John star reveals how he knew he'd found The One, why he can't take co-star Amanda Seyfried seriously and what his fans have to look forward to.
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What was it like working with Amanda Seyfried on Dear John?
Honestly, I don’t know how we got our work done. She would clown around all the time. Of course I’m a serious actor, I just got to stand there and brood!

Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried

How would you describe your character John?
He is socially inept. He didn’t learn anything from his father. His mother left him. He wants to stay in the military and be with his girlfriend at the same time. That can’t work so he blames her for it when he makes the decision to go back in.

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So he’s really the one at fault?
Many people just don’t know what love is. And then you end up blaming someone else when it didn’t work out. Probably, it’s really your fault.

Next up you play a Roman soldier in The Eagle of the Ninth, set in 140 AD.
My favorite movies are Braveheart and Gladiator. I’ve been looking for one of those films for a long time. This one is a swords and sandals kind of movie but it’s not all about huge battles. These two soldiers go over a wall to find a legion that has disappeared. Our family is in disgrace and I go on this death march to either find out the truth or die.

Channing Tatum

How was it shooting in Scotland?
We walked around in the mist and went through a few downpours. And I was walking around in a costume that was no more than a few thin, cheap strips of leather!

That’s an image your fans will no doubt be excited about.
I was freezing! It was convulsive shivering for me until I would hear “Cut.” Then I would say, “Please, let’s just go in a trailer and have coffee!”

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