Chelsea Clinton Getting Married?

Report that Chelsea Clinton will marry Marc Mezvinsky this summer

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Chelsea Clinton Getting Married?

There just may be a marriage made on Martha’s Vineyard for the former First Daughter this summer…

-Carrie Seim

Chelsea Clinton and Marc MezvinskyWe can’t get enough of adorable First Daughters Sasha and Malia, who spent the weekend in Paris with their amorous parents, President and First Lady Obama.

But it’s a different first daughter who may be making headlines soon: New York magazine is reporting that Chelsea Clinton may be getting hitched on Martha’s Vineyard in late August. Insiders say that Chelsea will wed her longtime boyfriend, Marc Mezvinsky at the home of her father’s former adviser, Vernon Jordan.

Clinton representatives insist there will be no wedding bells for Chelsea this summer – but come on, do you think they’d tell us if there were? Like or loathe her parents, Chelsea has always behaved as an incredibly classy and brainy chick who’s yet to disgrace herself chasing the limelight.

Plus, Vernon Jordan hosting the wedding at his Vineyard sheep farm sounds much more plausible than previous rumors Chelsea would tie the knot at Ted Danson’s house.

Even more thrilling? There’s speculation that not only will President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton be in attendance (duh!), but that current First Father Barack Obama may swing by for the nuptials. The Obamas have plans for a summer vacay on the Vineyard, and it seems these two families can’t get enough of each other these days.

I’m craving photos of Barack, Bill, Hillary and Michelle toasting a white-gowned Chelsea more than I crave a chalupa at two a.m.

But what I want to know is – who is this Marc Mezvinsky character and does he live up to the high standards I have set for Chelsea? Let’s break him down.


  • He’s from Iowa, which by stereotype makes him a good, wholesome farm boy.
  • His mother, Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky, is a former Pennsylvania congresswoman and NBC reporter, so he’s clearly comfortable with women in positions of power.
  • He’s been with Chelsea since 2005, so we know he’s not a fly-by-night first- daughter hunter.
  • Finally and most critically, he’s way hot in a cool, preppy way.


  • His father is former Iowa congressman and CONVICTED FELON Edward Mezvinsky, who was recently released after serving time for investment fraud.
  • (On second thought, Chelsea’s definitely familiar with legal scandals involving fathers, so she’s probably down with Marc’s dad drama. Maybe Ed’s jail time should be moved to the “plus” column.)
  • He’s an I-banker with Goldman Sachs. Let’s hope he doesn’t follow in his father’s notorious footsteps when it comes to investments.
  • He’s been with Chelsea since 2005. Isn’t it about time for him to put a ring on it?

Final verdict:

We say “I do” to Chelsea and Marc. Now please just get on with it, you two! And save us a slice of cake.

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