Best Chick Lit Books, Summer 2009

These are the best Chick Lit books to read during Summer 2009.

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Best Chick Lit Books, Summer 2009

Books you’ll want to have on your nightstand and at the beach

-Stephanie Elliot

What is summer without a great book to read? Well, Betty has a load of books to share with you. Some of these are out in paperback now, and some will be available later this summer. Get a start on your reading list and add some of these great books to your nightstand and your beach bag! There’s always room for another fab book, and we’ve got them right here.

Real Life & LiarsReal Life & Liars, Kristina Riggle – Kristina Riggle’s debut is about a family that comes together one weekend to celebrate the parents’ 35th anniversary and where a very important family secret is about to be revealed! Listed as Target’s August Break-Out book, Real Life & Liars will sure to be a hit with fans of Laura Dave and Allison Winn Scotch. Order your copy here: Real Life & Liars

I’m So Happy for You, Lucinda Rosenfeld – Beautiful and dramatic Daphne has always been dependent on her best friend, Wendy, and secretly, Wendy thrives on the drama and gossip her best friend brings to their relationship. But when Daphne’s life suddenly turns perfect – she dumps her married boyfriend, finds a new guy to marry, and becomes pregnant – Wendy’s life goes in the complete opposite direction. She and her husband can’t get pregnant, they’ve just been evicted, they’re having marital problems, and Wendy can’t help but feel jealous. This book tells the tale of a friendship we can all relate to – when we’re happy for our friends’ successes, but just not that happy. Order your copy here: I’m So Happy for You

A Bump in the Road, Maureen Lipinski – A perfect read for moms and moms-to-be. You’ll laugh at the antics of Clare Finnegan, internet star, who discovers she’s pregnant after a romp in Vegas. In this case, what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas, and Clare and Jake go from “happy hour to baby shower!” As Clare grows her baby, fondly calling him Mr. Skeletor, she also deals with her feuding best friends, coworkers that’ll make anyone cringe, a stressful job that requires a lot of “ABSOLUTELYs”, and watching other people get drunk. If you like chick lit, are thinking about being pregnant, have no desire to be pregnant, have been pregnant, and remember what it’s like to be pregnant, and can still LAUGH at the memories, you’ll love this book. Order your copy here: A Bump in the Road

The Opposite of LoveThe Opposite of Love, Julie Buxbaum – Out now in paperback, Buxbaum’s debut novel about a girl who dumps her boyfriend just as he’s ready to propose had me laughing and crying. It’s one of those novels where when you close the book, you actually miss the people you’ve just read about. I felt Emily’s confusion over her relationship and her sadness over her mother’s death, and the fact that she never really came to terms with it. Real characters bring this book to life, and it’s one of my favorites. Order your copy here: The Opposite of Love

Best Friends Forever, Jennifer Weiner – Weiner’s sixth stand-alone book is part mystery, part women’s fiction, all Weiner! When Addy’s ex-best friend from high school shows up on her doorstep the weekend of their 15th reunion, Addy’s skeptical at best. And with Val splotched in blood, there’s a story behind her showing up. It’s up to the two of them to solve the mystery and the characters go on a … manhunt, escape journey, shopping spree, vacation … all of the above?

It’s a little bit Thelma and Louise meets Bonnie and Clyde. There’s a bank robbery, a possible murder, and all the drama you’d expect as a Jennifer Weiner fan. As in Weiner’s recent books, there’s that shocking plot line you had no idea was coming, which ties it all up nicely in a happy women’s fiction bow. Order your copy here: Best Friends Forever

Confessions of a Beauty AddictConfessions of a Beauty Addict, Nadine Haobsh – When Beauty Expert Bella Hunter is fired from her glam job, she finds herself taking a position at Womanly World, which is so not the world she was used to. Once the ‘go-to’ person on all things fashion and beauty, she’s now stuck in an office where khaki is the fabric of choice. Beauty addicts and chick lit lovers alike will love Haobsh’s novel, with insider tips and confessions you won’t be sure are real or not! Just don’t be caught reading it without your face on! Order your copy here: Confessions of a Beauty Addict

By The Time You Read This, Lola Jaye – The premise of this book has ‘tear-jerker’ written all over it. A 30-year-old dad has only six months to live and he wants to leave advice for his then 5-year-old daughter. So he does, in the form of “The Manual”, which she is to begin reading at the age of 12. “The Manual” leads young Lois through the years and, while it’s no replacement for her father, the practical and loving letters help her through life’s ups and downs, and inspires her as well. Order your copy here: By the Time You Read This

Hollywood Is Like High School with Money, Zoey Dean – If you hated high school but love all things Hollywood, you’ll love this summer read! Taylor has just become an assistant for a major movie studio but finds she’s flailing because of catty coworkers. But when she befriends her boss’s popular 16-year-old daughter, Taylor comes up with a plan to succeed in the harsh Hollywood world. Fans of The Gossip Girls and The A-List will love Zoey Dean’s latest! Order your copy here: Hollywood Is like High School with Money.  Betty’s going to be giving away copies of this book in a few weeks!

What are some of YOUR favorite summer reads? Let us know in the comment section! And keep your eye out on Betty’s Chick Lit Lounge as we’ll be bringing you more great summer reads and book giveaways!

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  1. Geez, my summer reading list is growing rapidly. But, I love it.
    Definitely want to read “Confessions of a Beauty Addict” by Nadine Haobsh

  2. It’s not chick lit, but I just finished Julia Child’s “My Life in France,” in anticipation of the Meryl Streep-Amy Adams movie. I also read “Gone Tomorrow” by Lee Child, which is a big page-turner.

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