Chris Pine's Girlfriend: Obsessed?

Model Olivia Munn really, really likes the Star Trek hunk - a lot.
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Chris Pine’s Girlfriend: Obsessed?

Model Olivia Munn really, really likes the Star Trek hunk — a lot.

-Kelly Will

Chris Pine

Things are getting serious between Chris Pine and Olivia Munn and she wants to make sure people know just how happy she is these days. The 29-year-olds have been dating for about a month and an insider tells BettyConfidential that Olivia has been quick to share her joy on the set of her G4 show, Attack of the Show.

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“Olivia is driving everyone crazy on set,” the source says. “Whether she’s in her makeup trailer or walking around the set, she’s talking nonstop about Chris. We get it. They’re dating. But she is really playing up their relationship to everyone who will listen. She’s obsessed with him to the point where she tells people, ‘Chris likes this… Chris likes that… Chris said the funniest thing the other day.’”

Olivia Munn

The insider says Olivia is loving dating someone as high-profile as the Star Trek hunk. “She has been on Attack of the Show for a few years but she insists that people credit her as an Iron Man 2 actress. Everywhere. [The movie’s director] Jon Favreau gave her a walk-on role in the movie and she has a bit part, but she wants everyone to know her for that. She’s climbing the Hollywood ladder.”

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0 thoughts on “Chris Pine's Girlfriend: Obsessed?

  1. I hate that she’d resort to name dropping her boyfriend. Is there such a label as fame-digger? :( He seems like a good guy, luv him for him, girlfriend! Not because he’s suddenly A list! Bleh! Although, there is this scene in Star Trek where you can TELL he’s hung like an orca… (Lol, did you like the ST4 reference?)

  2. And LOL, if she’s sending texts like that, in her mind I guarantee you she’s dating Captain Kirk, not Chris Pine. The only thing I can get behind her on is the female nerdery. Chest bump, girl, chest bump.

  3. Sounds like she regressed into a 16 year old. Wonder if she decorated her locker with photos of Chris and kisses them before she goes on set. Someone please slap her with a dose of reality.

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