Cindy McCain's Body Language Speaks Volumes

An anonymous writer discusses how odd it is that John McCain rarely looks at his wife, Cindy.

In Her Words

Cindy McCain’s Gotta Be DYING Inside

Zeroing in on the body language of Cindy McCain

-AnonyBetty (telling it how it really is)

John and Cindy McCainEditor’s Note: The following is one Betty’s opinion. welcomes all opinions and doesn’t endorse any
particular candidate or political party.

Ok … what is up with the fact that John McCain rarely – barely – EVER looks at his beautiful wife (hmm … reminds of a movie I just saw, The Duchess)?

Did you see the McCains on THE VIEW – Sen. John, why did you look down on the floor when your wife spoke about how she disagreed with Gov. Sarah Palin on the abortion issue?

(watch at about the 3 minute mark)

Did you see the last two debates? It was almost as if Sen. John was surprised and completely disappointed when he bumper car(ed) into his wife instead of — yet – another ordinary person he COULD have been shaking hands with at that moment (damn … a missed opportunity for another vote).

While everyone is focusing in on the political speak at the debates, and who said what, when, where, why, how … blah, blah, blah (followed up by “that’s not true” or “I did NOT vote for that; that is SIMPLY false” by the opposing campaigner), I zero in on Cindy McCain. Yeah, that’s right, Cindy McCain.

While many of us frankly are – envious – of what appears to be the
PERFECT marriage between Michelle and Barack Obama, and their PERFECTLY matching children (sugar me pretty!), I ponder Cindy McCain.

Why does this woman STAND by this MAN?

For the record: I am voting for McCain (in part because of Sarah Palin, in part because of my taxes).

Let’s state the facts: She is BEAUTIFUL, has a FABULOUS sense of style, is RICHER than all of us (“how many houses do I own?”), and clearly has the smarts to run her family’s business. Oh, and she pretty much is a single mom to her biological and adopted children since her husband is probably never home. Does the GREAT Senator ever see his kids?

So, why-o-why does this woman stay with this man?

I can’t answer this; nor can anyone else but John and Cindy McCain. I feel sorry her. I watch them, and I transcend back to a 1950s household of a make-believe-mom standing in front of a steamy, hot stove (of course, draped with a crisp white apron over ONE perfectly coiffed dress). Betty Friedan wrote about the Cindy McCain-types in The Feminine Mystique, and we exited out of this way of life about 30 years ago — didn’t we?

Anyway, I hope for Cindy McCain’s sake she is happy – perhaps finding happiness somewhere else (no, I am not suggesting anything here, so don’t e-mail me with your evil comments). I just think the woman deserves more – like a husband who looks at her.

If you enjoyed this, I’ll be back. My next piece: Inside the heads of John McCain and Barack Obama when they shake hands and have to stand next to each other … What are they thinking? Hmm …

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