Clean Freak? Not My Daughter

A mother's frustration at trying to get her young daughter to shower on her own.

I’m Losing It

The Shower Wars

Trying to get my daughter clean

-Stephanie Elliot

little girl wrapped in a towel“Mommy! Mooooommmmmm! I need you!”

She screams for me as if her arm has been sliced off by a saw.

I scream back: “You’re fine!”

She screams again.

And again. Over and over and over.

I ignore it. Because we’ve been through this hundreds of times.

She is simply taking a shower.

Finally, I tell one of her brothers to go upstairs to tell her I will be up to help her in a few minutes.

I mean, come on! The girl is 9 years old. Can she really not wash shampoo out of her hair yet on her own?

When I arrive upstairs, she is complaining that she has soap in her eyes and that they are stinging. I am not sympathetic; in fact, I am annoyed beyond belief.

“Are you bleeding?! Are you dying?! Do not yell for me like that anymore! This is unacceptable!”

She is the boy who cried wolf all the time. I can never believe her when she whines and cries for me because it happens so often; how am I to know if it’s real or if it’s just an attention ploy? She is using me, and I have been enabling her ever since she was a baby.

I know this is my fault.

Do I do this because she is my only girl? Because she is my middle child? My boys can handle taking showers on their own just fine. How come I let her manipulate me? It’s gotten to the point where I’d almost rather she not shower than have to deal with all of the drama of her finally getting clean!

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