Clive Owen is Betty's New Boyfriend

Clive Owen is Betty's latest boyfriend!

Betty Boyfriend

Betty’s Boyfriend of the Week: Clive “Owens” Our Heart!

And in the Doghouse: Wall Street bonus-mongers

-The Bettys

Clive OwenWe don’t really care that he’s been nominated for an Academy Award or that he won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of the predatory character of Larry in Closer. We’re all about those eyes. That brooding expression. His rough and tumble approach to shaving. That swoon-inducing British brogue. Mrow!

Yes, Clive, as a matter of fact, we would “fancy a shag!”
Owen’s latest movie – and this one’s a thriller – is being released just in time for Valentine’s Day, on February 13. So even if we don’t have a hot date, we’ll still have a hot date! Check out the trailer …

In the Doghouse:

We’re definitely leaving John Thain in the Doghouse, as the poster boy of Wall Street greed and excess ($35,115 toilet anyone?). And right along side him we throw anyone on Wall Street who gave – OR RECEIVED – an undeserved bonus. Come on people … $18 BILLION in bonuses while the economy tanks … thanks to the mess you created? You needed a handout from the government to fund this? The President calls this greed shameful, and we agree.

Of course – we do have some sympathy for those Wall Street types – after all, without their fat, bloated bonuses, how are they going to keep their poor little girlfriends in Jimmy Choos and Botox?!

Last Week’s Boyfriend: Barack Obama

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0 thoughts on “Clive Owen is Betty's New Boyfriend

  1. As a “wife of Wall Street,” I really don’t appreciate all the finger pointing, especially by people who don’t really know what they are talking about. Bonuses are considered part of most people’s salaries. In fact, my husband had absolutely nothing to do with the mortagage crisis and made millions of dollars for his company last year. So, why shouldn’t he get a bonus? (And his bank did not receive any government funding at all.)

    Also, please remember, that this is all a domino effect. The Wall Streeters don’t get their bonuses, they foreclose on their houses, they stop spending, other people lose their jobs… it doesn’t stop at Wall Street. And trust me, the stimulus bill ain’t gonna help. In fact, I think we’ll look back on this thing in a few years and people will be comparing it to the train wreck we call social security.

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