Conan Finally Opens Up on 60 Minutes

The ex-late night Prince sets the record straight.
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Conan Finally Opens Up on 60 Minutes

The ex- late night Prince sets the record straight.

-Sarah Polonsky

You can always count on Conan O’Brien to make a snarky remark; it’s what he does best. Leaving NBC in January, he walked away with two things: a $32 million dollar settlement and a gag order courtesy of his contract. May 1st was the first time he was legally allowed to speak out on air. Conan chose his venue wisely and sat down with CBS’s 60 Minutes correspondent, Steve Kroft, about what really went on backstage at the Peacock.

“He (Jay Leno) went and took that show back, and I think, in a similar situation, if roles had been reversed, I know — I know me, I wouldn’t have done that,” said Conan. When Kroft asked if Leno’s return to the Tonight Show was less than honorable, Conan replied, “I can’t answer that.” However, it was dually noted that Conan later added, “I sleep well at night.”

What would he have done in Leno’s situation? “Done something else, go someplace else. I mean, that’s just me,” he said.

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While Conan strongly disagrees with Leno’s actions, he has no regrets whatsoever about his own. “I don’t regret anything,” he said. “I don’t regret one decision I made in that week and a half period. I wish it had ended differently. But, I’m fine. I do believe, and this might be my Catholic upbringing or Irish magical thinking, but I think things happen for a reason. I really do. And I think that this all happened for a reason.”

Conan and NBC’s partnership deteriorated to the point where quitting actually looked like a good thing to do. “I think this relationship is going to be toxic and maybe we just need to go our separate ways,” he told Kroft. “That’s really how it felt to me…and I started to feel that I’m not sure these people even really want me here. I can’t do it.”

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0 thoughts on “Conan Finally Opens Up on 60 Minutes

  1. Good for him…he seems like a stand up guy, i like him. Jay Leno did an unethical thing there, however, isn’t the media always debating what IS and what ISN’T unethical? i lke Conan’s morals better than Jay’s but I like Jay’s humor much more than Conan….i also like how you put the video here so we could see it along w/the article, nice job!

  2. Conan is definitely a class act! I’ve never really liked Leno, and everything that went down with this Tonight Show mess has only made me dislike him more.

  3. I don’t think Jay is funny, but whether you like his humor or not, he is the common denominator in the “Late Night Wars.” He is terribly selfish and egotistical. I’m glad Conan is off to better things.

  4. I’m in the minority here! I think Conan is a whiner. He has more money than most people can imagine, and while the whole thing was undoubtedly hurtful to him, it’s not a matter of global importance. Come on, 60 Minutes, you can find better interview subjects.

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