A Hot or Not Guy?

The debate on whether or not to choose a man for his looks or smarts.

Overheard in BettyTalk

Concerned with a Guy’s Looks

There seems to be some mixed feelings in the BettyTalk LOVE+SEX room! Sparked by the article Drawbacks to Dating a Hot Guy, the conversation is going strong … and women are speaking their minds about whether they want a man who’s got the looks or a man who’s got the brains. Here are a few quotes…

“At my age, I’m not concered with a guy’s looks like I was when I was younger. Now I’m just trying to find someone with some integrity and humor.” Relly

“In the end, wouldn’t we all like to have a hot guy but people get better looking when you see personality traits you like. If I guy is good looking but mean and shallow, if we were smart we would invision a wart on the end of his nose.” msuzyq54

What do YOU think?

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