Connecticut Gives Gay Partnerships the Nod

Connecticut joins California and Massachusetts in allowing same sex unions.


Connecticut Comes Out!

The Constitution State joins two others in allowing gay marriage!

-Judy McGuire

two brides embracing on top of wedding cakeYou know how some people make fun of New Jersey? I’ve always had some problems with Connecticut – with their country clubs and madras plaids, it always seemed just a tad too prim and snobbish for my tastes. Well, no more. Last week they joined California and Massachusetts in legislating that gay partnerships are every bit as valid as heterosexual unions.

Too bad both presidential candidates are so hellbent against it and California is trying to repeal their law. Speaking of the economy (and when aren’t we lately?) the Wedding Industrial Complex is a bazillion dollar business. Various surveys say the average wedding costs $27,000 – that’s a lot of prime rib or chicken. Allowing more people to marry means more jobs for cater waiters (especially the cute ones), more floral arrangements, more gaudy wedding hall rentals and more overpriced white dresses sold. Why wouldn’t we want to pump more dough into the economy? It seems rather unpatriotic to be against it.

I mean, in a world at war and the economy in the toilet, shouldn’t we be celebrating love, not legislating against it?

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