Cosmetics to Match Your Coloring

Tips for getting your makeup to match your coloring.

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Makeup Help for Your Coloring

Dear Beauty Queen: I’m trying to find the right eye shadow and lipstick colors to match my hair and complexion. I’ve tried for years and everything still makes me look washed out. I’m extremely fair (Irish roots, and all) with pink undertones and blue eyes. My hair is brown with auburn highlights. I’d like a simple, natural look for the daytime maybe something a little darker for night.

Beauty Queen: There are a few ways to approach your question, and my first advice is to reconsider your hair color. With fair, pink skin and blue eyes, have you ever thought about embracing your Irish roots and possibly going a little more red? You could start with a few highlights and this could offer you a whole new palette of makeup colors to work with. You may be surprised at the difference your hair makes…

But if you’re looking for a quicker, less expensive fix, check out Almay‘s Intense i-Color collection the next time you’re at the drugstore. It takes the guesswork out of selecting eye makeup by offering palettes designed to accentuate your eye color. The coordinating shadows, liners and mascaras make it easy, and going from day to evening is as simple as selecting a more intense color palette or dialing up the drama with extra eyeliner or mascara.

For lips, go sheer and neutral. If you play up your eye color your lips shouldn’t compete. Start with a nude gloss and you can always make it more intense for nighttime by using a little lip stain that accentuates your natural lip color and top it off with a sexy gloss.

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