Courteney Cox Doesn't Want Her Husband on Cougar Town

David Arquette wants a role on his wife's hit show, but she's saying no.
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The 45-year-old, who has said in the past that they have had rocky moments in their relationship and seen a therapist, told Ellen that things have gotten better between her and David, but when he complained about her wanting to talk all the time, she shot back, “David, I work 16 hours a day? When am I going to have a chance to talk to you all the time?” Ouch.

But the hours that Courteney spends on the set are part of the problem, according to the insider. “David wants to be on the set more often. He stops by with Coco and visits, but he wants to be around Courteney more.”

Could the reason be jealousy over her love scenes? While she told Ellen that if David could get past her sex scenes in Dirt, “he could get past anything,” the insider tells BettyConfidential that David, 38, is a little uncomfortable about his wife’s romantic scenes with much-younger men.

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“David is jealous of the time Courteney spends with guys on the set,” the source says. While he doesn’t have a definite character in mind that he could play on Cougar Town, and admitted to that he’s “a little too old to be cougar bait now,” David knows that if he had a role on the show he could be on set more often.

“He’s trying to convince Courteney that working together would be a great way for their marriage to stay solid,” the insider says, “but she loves her space and believes that their marriage will remain strong if they don’t spend so much time together.”

Stay tuned!

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  1. It’s nice to see that even famous couples have to work on their relationship! It’s obvious I know but it’s always nice to actually hear it from their mouths!

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