Courtney Love's Rampage on The Howard Stern Show

When Courtney Love stopped by The Howard Stern Show to promote her new album, "Nobody's Daughter,” she was an hour late! But, her interview was well worth the wait.

Courtney Love’s Rampage on The Howard Stern Show

When Courtney Love stopped by The Howard Stern Show to promote her new album, “Nobody’s Daughter,” she was an hour late! But, her interview was well worth the wait.

-JoAnna Zulli

Courtney Love

Howard Stern asked Courtney Love on-air Tuesday morning why she was late for their interview. Courtney refused to explain why and said, “Was I? I’m sorry. Oh, I can’t (explain) on the air. I’m just depressed about something.”

Howard had Gary Dell’Abate (a.k.a Baba Booey) bring her some coffee, but Courtney snapped saying, “I’m not shaky or anything!” Howard said, “I didn’t say you were shaky. I can see you’re out of it.” To which, Courtney responded, “I’m not out of it! I’m not on drugs.” Defensive much? She continued, “I’ve just got a puffy face because I was crying all night. Last time you saw me [was during] what we call the Letterman years and I was on C-R-A-C-K…I’m not ever supposed to say that word. My publicist told me not to say that word…I don’t like alcohol and I don’t like coke. Pills? Sure.”

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Courtney proceeded to tell listeners that she hasn’t had sex in a very long time. “I didn’t f’ anyone for five years. I didn’t masturbate! Nothing! I disentangled myself from all sexual and romantic relationships so I could make this bloody record.” But, she’s now begun sleeping with someone whom she would not name. “We’re having a fight.” Courtney sited the cause as her limited pool of potential sex partners, telling Howard: “You have a huge pool. I have a little teeny espresso cup.”

Howard then asked, “You get it on with other girls?” “My only one-on-one was- I was out of my mind-was the supermodel. And she’s notoriously, pretty much gay. And that’s because every girlfriend I have in London has had sex with her. So, sometime in the 90s, sometime late 90s, um, I was in an Italian city with her and she pretty much chased me around the room. Literally, like she was the aggressor. And I thought: ‘you know what? If you’re gonna do it, do it with that one. Do it with that one.’ It wasn’t Naomi Campbell for god’s sakes. It’s just like a hot supermodel.”

When Howard and Robin Quivers began a guessing game of who Courtney’s lesbian exploit may have been with she ended the conversation by saying, “I don’t want to out anyone who doesn’t want to be outed. The sex wasn’t very good. I remember that it repulsed me some. The one-on-one-ness of it. I just remember waking up in the morning and looking at this face—I’m not going to say whose it was—but it was so feline and beautiful and I went—and she was asleep—and I said, ‘Oh my god. I’m going to have a story to tell my grandsons.’”

Switching the subject to sex with men, Courtney denied sleeping with Dave Navarro and Mickey Rourke and said as for Alex James: “All I did was spank him.” Courtney claimed she did sleep with musician Gavin Rossdale while he was dating his now-wife, Gwen Stefani: “He got good in bed. Something happened. Yeah, Maybe Gwen taught him, for all I know. I can’t imagine that but–but between point A and point B we were f’ buddies.”

When Howard asked if Gwen knew Gavin was also sleeping with Courtney, she responded, “She sure does. He (Gavin) was an f’buddy in the sense that we didn’t have a lot of pressure on each other and–but we did like each other quite a bit.”

Courtney went on to say that while she’s rich she’d made some regrettable financial decisions, like selling off part of Nirvana‘s publishing rights. “Emotionally I thought I was ready to do so but now I’m having second thoughts.” The money that’s left is frozen somehow: “I can’t touch it because of the trust.”

Before leaving the show, Courtney told why she was estranged from her daughter, Frances Bean. “Probably just because she just has to be Frances and it sucks. It’s a lot of money. She has no dad. She has a cuckoo-bananas mom. We have spoken in–in–in sort of e-mail. If she didn’t have money, this wouldn’t be happening.” 

JoAnna Zulli is a New York-based writer who has worked for Star, Soap Opera Magazine, Woman’s World, In Touch and the New York Post.

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