Craigslist Killer Update

Accused Craigslist killer Philip Markoff told his family "there is more coming out" yesterday during their jail visit


Craigslist Killer Update

What accused killer Philip Markoff told his family

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Craigslist killerAccused Craigslist killer Philip Markoff told his family “there is more coming out” yesterday during their jail visit, a source tells the Boston Herald. Along with his parents, Markoff saw his brother and sister-in-law, telling them to “forget about me” and “move to California.”

Markoff has now been tied to a third assault on a woman advertising sexual services on Craigslist, the Boston Globe reports. Police say the accused killer left fingerprints at a Rhode Island hotel where he tried to rob a prostitute last week and sent identifiable text messages immediately after the incident. Sources say he’ll soon be charged for the attempted robbery.

Markoff remains on suicide watch, wearing a protective suit to keep him from harming himself. His visit from his family came on murder victim Julissa Brisman’s 26th birthday, on which her mother said in a statement, “I feel very much relieved that the man who did this is in custody and will not be able to do this horrible thing to another family.”

Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist has refused to close the “Erotic Encounters” section: “Sometimes a bad guy of some sort tries to pull a fast one on our site,” he said in an interview that aired last night on ABC News. “We don’t want it there, it’s wrong, and that’s why we have the help of the general community and the law enforcement community getting rid of things like that.”

The woman who survived a robbery at the hands of the suspect did so by offering no resistance, ABC News reports. “I just complied with everything he wanted me to do,” said Trisha Leffler, whom Markoff met at a Boston hotel for a massage. “I didn’t resist him in any way and that’s why.” Leffler, who lost $800, has positively identified Markoff as her assailant.

Solid evidence continues to pile up against Makoff. But his parents and his fiancée, Megan McAllister who was planning an elaborate summer wedding, are still standing behind him.

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  1. just awful, and i can’t even imagine being his fiance. why is she still standing by him–does she really believe he’s still innoncent after everything???

  2. Some people don’t want to believe that their “perfect” thing is actually, really, broken – Coffee. So much so, that they choose to blame something else (in this case, his fiance, saying that the evidence is wrong). Or, maybe just for her own selfish needs, she wants that wedding, and that perfect life, and now that she’s not going to get it, she doesn’t want to be publicly embarrassed.

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