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Tips for making your hair beautiful at home.

Beauty Queen

At-Home Hair Help

Dear Beauty Queen: Do you have some tips for making my hair more beautiful at home since I don’t have time to get to the salon?

Beauty Queen: Hair help can be as close as your pantry or  refrigerator. Think of it this way: Anything with fat in it that has a consistency that will stay on your hair for a short period of time can go a long way for smoothing and softening your strands. From avocado or yogurt to olive oil or eggs – with some honey or milk thrown in – all you have to do is work it through your hair, sit for a spell, wash it out and style as usual. Some women also swear by a beer rinse to boost shine. Personally I don’t want my hair to smell like a brewery, but it may be a cost-effective treatment for you!

If you’re not looking to play Iron Chef and make your own mask, you can’t go wrong with Alberto VO5 Hot Oil Treatment. It’s been around forever and costs less than $5. All you have to do is warm it up in a cup of water, apply and leave on for 1 minute, shampoo and style.

For the most bargain of beauty advice, you can also use your daily conditioner in a new way to reap maximum moisturization. Simply apply to damp hair, wrap your head with some plastic wrap and a towel, use a hairdryer (or the sun if you live in warmer climes) to heat it up, sit for 15 to 30 minutes, then rinse, style and enjoy a silkier head of hair.

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