Daily Dish A-Rod and Madonna are "Friends"

Daily Dish: A-Rod and Madonna are simply "friends."

Daily Dish

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Keri Russell Details1. Wasn’t heroin chic out with flannel shirts and Hole?  Alas, like plaid and booties, it appears to have reared its ugly head once again.  Keri Russell seems to have given the art director for her Details photo shoot one simple instruction: Make me look like an emaciated, wet, abused drug addict so no one will ever confuse me with the Noxema girl again! Why, Keri, why? (Huffington Post)

A-Rod and Madonna2. “Friends, friends I tell you … FRIENDS!” A-Rod seems to think that if he continues to classify his relationship with Madonna as strictly platonic, we will eventually believe that they are nothing more than acquaintances, buddies, comrades, BFFs. Anyone convinced yet?? Just checking. (E! Online)

3. Sounds like HE wants to do the hurting! Former Culture Club frontman Boy George has been convicted of “falsely imprisoning a male escort” – which included handcuffing the poor man and beating him mercilessly with a metal chain. Though the 46-year-old guyliner king was released on bail until a January 16 sentencing, Judge David Radford warned Boy George not to get his hopes up, as he will more than likely spend time in the slammer. (AP)

4. Why hasn’t this man won ‘Father of the Year’ yet?! Talented and unbelievably sexy star Johnny Depp just got a little hotter thanks to his interview with Psychologies magazine. Speaking about his children, the Golden Globe-snagging thespian said “I could sit there all day and do nothing but watch them grow. I’m totally inspired by them.” SWOON! (People)

5. Totally bogus dude. Transformers hotshot (and bad boy in training) Shia LaBeouf was forced to give up a new project titled Dark Fields due to his hand injury that has yet to heal. And how did he completely shatter his left extremity? While driving drunk, which ultimately led to a very messy collision back in July. Bet he wishes he didn’t down that final one-for-the-road eh? (PerezHilton)

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