Daily Dish: Lindsay Lohan Pelted with Flour Bomb

Animal Activists hit Lohan with a four bomb, Barack may have to give up his BlackBerry and more

Daily Dish

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Tuesday morning update:

Britney SpearsBritney Spears’ latest role: prisoner of life.  In an upcoming VH1 special, Miss Spears gets candid and compares her existence to Groundhog Day, forced to repeat the same days over and over.  “There’s no excitement; there’s no passion.”  It’s unfair to make fun of someone who is  obviously suffering as a result of serious mental instability and an apparent total lack of parental supervision when it was REALLY needed, but  honestly … what BritBrit needs is to spend a year working in an orphanage in India or a hospital in Rwanda.  Get some perspective girl!  (Daily Mail)

Monday’s Dish:

5. We couldn’t help but chuckling when, over the weekend, Lindsay Lohan was pelted with a flour bomb by animal rights activists … for wearing a pelt made of real fur. Her fur stole and blue-sequined dress were coated in a white, powdery mess, but she brushed it off and moved on with her night. Not as brutal as blood, but pretty funny …She’s just pissing people off left and right these days – last week she outraged many when she referred to Barack Obama as “colored” – seriously. Girlfriend Samantha Ronson gallantly took to her MySpace page to defend Lohan.
(CBS News)

4. It’s time for Barack to get ready to say bye bye to his Crackberry. Before he takes office, he’ll likely have to give up the addiction – due to little reasons like NATIONAL SECURITY … and the fact that even personal e-mail could be made public under the Presidential Records Act. We wonder which will be more difficult for him – giving up the BlackBerry or cigarettes…. ( The New York Times)

3. In a really tasteless prank over the weekend, a hacker posted on the “Miley and Mandy” YouTube page a disturbing report that Miley Cyrus died in a drunk driving accident. Thankfully, it was a hoax, and the Hannah Montana star is just fine. We have one word for the sick individual – Karma! (E! Online)

2. Hillary Duff will appear in an upcoming NBC series about … something. NBC announced the talent and development deal and said the network will develop a series for the former Lizzy McGuire star to appear in. She’ll also be seen in other NBC series over the next year, but again no details on when and which ones yet. (Fandango)

 1. R.I.P music videos … on MTV anyway. TRL, the network’s only show that still showed music videos, aired its last episode last night. Now all that’s left for viewers is the angst of teenage drama and a plethora of “reality” shows. Is it us, or does it feel like just yesterday that we saw our first music video? Are they really passé already? (dlisted) Here’s a glimpse at some of the history…

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