Dating in San Francisco

Betty Blogger Heidi Isern offers tips to crack the dating code in San Francisco.

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Dating in San Francisco

Finding a Soul Mate Outside Jimmy Choo

-Heidi Isern

Heidi IsernSan Francisco-the scene of leftism politics, startup billionaires, metrosexual tri-athletes and fantastic parties for the well-heeled. San Francisco is possibly one of the world’s greatest places to experience life …but dating? Sigh.

When asked to write a “Sex and the City-like” column, my first reaction was to instead write a “No Sex and the City” column. Finding a soul mate outside of Jimmy Choo isn’t easy! And even women chasing down saucy flings are running into problems. A friend of mine recently complained that a man turned down her steamy late night invitation in order to rest before his 100-mile bike ride the next morning.

Cracking the San Francisco dating code is not easy. So far I have surmised that it requires one to become proficient in the following abilities:

1. Write catchy online profiles: From LinkedIn to personals, many first impressions are now made in cyberspace.
2. Keep up your tolerance: San Francisco-ites like to show off their Napa Valley savvy; almost every first date is at a wine bar.
3. Compete in a triathlon: It could be vanity or a need for adrenaline but singles are always in training for some heart pulsing race. You don’t want to be left in their dust.
4. Up your gaydar: Most of the good-looking, sophisticated, and sensitive men sadly play for the other team. If you want to scope out the bars, be able to immediately identify the gay men from the straight ones.

Naturally, I am miserable at all four of the requirements. I regularly hit on gay men, get drunk off of one glass of wine, am too neurotic for, and was told that my triathlon swimming resembles a spastic frog. Right. Add this to my ineptitude at flirting, and it’s no wonder I’m still single.

However, it’s a new year and a new me. I intend to take my own advice, try new things, and navigate the singles scene with full force! Follow me and my friends as we meet men, take risks, fall on our faces, and get up laughing. After all dating isn’t much different than other life activities-nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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