Dealing with Cellulite

A woman seeks advice on how to rid her body of cellulite.

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Dealing with Cellulite

Dear Renee: I’ve recently become a vegan, and although I’ve gotten down to my goal weight, I still have cellulite, especially in my butt/thigh area. What are your recommendations?

–Vegan in Need

Dear Vegan: Ahhh cellulite … the nemesis of all women! Unfortunately this can start at almost any age, even in your teens. Over the years, women tend to slowly lose muscle and gain fat. Cellulite is simply one type of fat deposit. Both genetics and the overall amount of body fat someone has play a role in how much you have. There are lots of creams, lotions and procedures that claim to rid the body of this unfortunate addition. But with most, the only thing that you’ll lose is your money. One thing that may help is exercise. Look for exercises focused on toning and tightening the muscles of the legs and butt. Adding resistance training to your routine can help you to preserve and strengthen your muscles. If you belong to a gym, a session or two with a trainer can get you on the right track.

Don’t forget about the importance of your diet too. Make sure to get enough protein to preserve the muscle in your body (about 45-60 grams per day for most women) as well as not overdoing the fat. As a vegan, higher protein sources will include beans, tofu, soymilk and nuts.

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