Give Your Libido an Economical Boost

How to turn current political affairs into an interesting date.

Romance for Modern Times

Debate Date

Heat things up by scheduling a debate date!

-Carrie Seim

man and woman on a dateIt seems the entire world has fallen on tough times this week. All this depressing depression talk has left our libidos on the low side. Who can concentrate on sex imbroglios when we’re worried about our stock portfolios?

But if your love life is crashing faster than the stock market, try this passionate pick-me-up: A presidential debate date!

Campaign your favorite cuddle buddy to lounge on your loveseat while Sarah Palin and Joe Biden duke it out. All those sparks flying are certain to give you a booty boost.

You’ll be aiding your own economy by hanging at home in front of the flat screen (which, thank God, you haven’t had to auction on eBay … yet), instead of spending big bucks.

If you and your date are on opposite sides of the political podiums, use the tension to your advantage. Casually bring up off-shore drilling, abortion rights or Sarah Palin’s hair and let the rhetoric build into a heated argument. You’ll have no choice but to “resolve” the debate with some steamy, bipartisan make-up sex.

You can also raise the stakes by turning the debates into a drinking game. Every time the word “change” is uttered, you have to take a sip of (Two Buck Chuck) wine. Each time the phrase “financial crisis” is sounded, it’s time to break out a bottle (40 ounces of Natural Light). The sentence “Alaska borders Russia” demands reaching for the hard stuff. (Dust off that Everclear you’ve been saving for a special occasion and/or global calamity.)

Because when life gives you political and financial lemons, it’s best to make your own spiked lemonade.

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