Derek Hough and Shannon Elizabeth: Back Together!

Sorry, Perez Hilton, but the Dancing With the Stars partners are giving love another try.

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Derek Hough and Shannon Elizabeth: Back Together!

Sorry, Perez Hilton, but the Dancing With the Stars partners are giving love another try.

-Kelly Will

  Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough

It looks like Perez Hilton’s wish for Julianne Hough’s brother Derek to come out of the closet isn’t happening anytime soon. Derek and his latest dance partner, Joanna Krupa, took fourth place this season on Dancing With the Stars and while rumors of a show romance swirled, sources tell BettyConfidential that Derek and his ex-girlfriend and season 6 dance partner Shannon Elizabeth, 36, are actually back together.

“Shannon and Derek decided to try again,” the insider says. “They stayed close friends and went out even after they broke up. They flew to New York last week for Diddy’s 40th birthday party at the Plaza and that was their first public outing together again.”

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When the pair split in August, they both Tweeted about their breakup and Derek, 24, said, “We love and care about eachother very much and will reamin friends and in eachothers lives.”

Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough

“They’re young and having fun – they still dance together! It’s adorable,” says the insider. “Derek and Shannon have great chemistry and if nothing else, they will find a way to remain great friends, because they love being together.”

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At Diddy’s party, sponsored by Don Julio cocktails, sources tell me the couple was, “playfully taking pictures of each other. He even posed for her draping himself over a harp. They were laughing and dancing, but there were no big public displays of affection with any hugging or kissing!”

We expect Derek to get the Perez Hilton treatment in the blogger’s new Hollywood tell-all book, True Bloggywood Stories, which is released today!

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0 thoughts on “Derek Hough and Shannon Elizabeth: Back Together!

  1. This story is laughable. They attend an event together and you create a story from it? No one flew to NY to be together for the party. Shannon lives in NY and Derek was there for a talk show, and Shannon begged him to go with her. Shannon probably planted this story herself. She is extremely desperate and sad and delusional about her relationship with Derek. He very reluctantly even mentioned he saw her, while she tweeted all day about being so excited to see him, and posted pictures of him all over her twitter. She makes no effort to move on or date or get a life. She lives her life behind her computer self righteously tweeting all day about heartbreak and suffering and lying and cheating trying to guilt him back or make others pity her, and will still be alone at 40. She sends out quotes with advice about how everyone should live, but takes none of the advice herself. Derek can hook up with a different woman every night and Shannon knows it, but if he has one lonely evening and is bored, Shannon’s ready and available. She’s very, very pathetic. Derek, however, has made it clear they are friends but are not getting back together. He was out Sunday night with another girl, one he has been quietly seeing for a month. These fabricated stories you write based on nothing are very amusing though.

  2. The above comment is from someone who knows absolutely nothing about Shannon or Derek. They broke up in August and since then have maintained a great relationship seeing each other often.Shannon moved temporarily to NYC to pursue career opportunities one being a film with Steve Gutenberg.She is currently working on a project with her cousin who also lives in NYC.The week Derek was eliminated from DWTS he had to fly to NYC to be on The View. As it was that was the same week of the P.Diddy party which Shannon had been invited to. Derek went to the party with Shannon as her date. The reason Derek does not mention Shannon in tweets is that each time he does he is criticized by so called well meaning fans. Both Shannon & Derek have said in interviews that they love each other and that they are in different places in their lives. Derek is wanting to go clubing all the time & he seems to have found someone to go clubbing with. Not a great basis for a relationship. Shannon is much more settled & did the party scene & wants more in her life and I for one hope she finds someone who will treat her as she deserves to be treated or that Derek Hough grows up & realizes that he is going to loose the best relationship he’s ever had.

  3. They actually broke up in July. Derek has mentioned Shannon very rarely in tweets. Shannon doesn’t follow him on Twitter and rarely mentions him. Derek said in a recent radio interview that he does NOT see them getting back together in the future. He said it’s nice when you can end a relationship like that. But Shannon accepts it and said neither one is devastated. Shannon’s invite to Diddy’s party came just a few days earlier from a friend who was working on the party. Derek happened to be in New York to be on The View with his dance partner, Joanna Krupa, and stayed over an extra night to enjoy the city. He bought a suit at the last minute to attend the party, but I doubt he had to be persuaded to attend. Come on, the biggest party in New York in a while, who wouldn’t want to go. Derek is too young to settle down! Shannon is older and wants to stay at home every night. His career is just getting started and he has a lot of women to meet and a lot of fun to have while he is working so hard. It’s too bad he can’t do anything or go anywhere without the paps following him everywhere and documenting almost his every move. I hope they both find happiness.

  4. I agree with your post, Florida. Obviously dahlia does not know much about neither Shannon nor Derek. They have been a total class act during their separation. They have been very respectful toward each other & when the opportunity was right, they attended events together as close friends. I don’t think the fact that Shannon mentions Derek is pathetic at all. It shows that she is still his friend & if he was not OK with this, she wouldn’t be doing it. I find it very odd that dahlia has seen fit to leave such a negative comment about this article. Why be in such a rage about someone that you don’t know. Seems like a waste of energy to me. I also agree with Florida that Derek will never find anyone as good as Shannon.

  5. I also agree with your post, Florida. I found it odd that people talk about Derek like he’s 16 years old. He’s 24 years old. It is really between him and Shannon whether they continue their relationship as strictly friends or as a couple. I personally follow her on Twitter and think that she’s the most friendly down to earth celeb. Shannon is simply beautiful inside and out and will have no trouble finding a new relationship, if and when she decides to. Shannon rocks!

  6. I totally agree with florida and minnesota also. seriously no one knows what goes behind close doors. one could only speculate. judging from what we all see from the media, it’s easy to figure out that they certainly deeply care for each other, and respect each other. and further more dahlia, please don’t cut on shannon! i think she has a big heart. always there to lend a hand. helped out the rest of the bhb band, by putting a roof on their heads when they needed it. so their you go! and last but not least she is not out their making an ass of herself like some of the celebs.

  7. Dahlia-you don’t know much about the Shannon/Derek situation. Miss Krupa better take a number for if she’s been seeing Derek for a month, he’s also been photographed & filmed spending evenings with other girls including his ex-Shannon. Where do you think Derek stayed in New York? He appears to be spending time with Marta, but she’s one of several-nothing too special about that!

  8. Where did Derek stay in New York? At the hotel he was booked at, most likely. He is wearing sunglasses in the doggie reunion pics she tweeted the day after the surprise party or Miley Cyrus, so he didn’t stay overnight, he arrived there from outside! Derek’s rep told Gossip Cop that he and Shannon are not dating but merely friends. Anyone who says “Derek will never find anyone as good” is obviously biased and unfit to judge. Shannon is a good person and doesn’t deserve the hate, but so is Derek and he doesn’t either.

  9. Annalee do you really think Derek would be in NYC a day & not see Shannon or his kids ie doggies. Be serious. Pic tweet day of the party but Derek was there the day before. He also never stays in a hotel without tweeting pic of either the hotel room or the view from his window. Come on they were in a relationship for over a year where else would Derek stay. They have maintained a close relationship which I think is great & very mature.Also Happy Camper so true Ms Krupa is not the only gal Derek is seeing. She also has been in a relationship recently and tweets pic of her self with other men. Clubbing seems to be the major attraction between Derek & her. During the year or more that Shannon & Derek were together he did not feel the need to club the way he is now. A clear reaction to recovering from a break up and moving into the single life. I adore Derek & Shannon & wish they were still together. From what I’ve seen neither is as happy apart as they were together. I wish them both happiness either together or apart. I do not think their story is over.

  10. Annalee – sorry you feel that way about my comment regarding Derek. In no way did I mean it in a deragatory way. I think he is awesome and am a huge fan of his dancing and music. I love both Shannon & Derek as do others and have to chime in with Florida in saying that they seem so much happier when together. That should be apparent to anyone who see the photos – after all, pictures don’t lie. :) Peace out!!

  11. Florida, you are forgetting that Shannon didn’t see Derek until he arrived at the surprise party, so they saw each other that night. She tweeted at 8:49 p.m. “Look who I found.” They obviously enjoyed the party together for a few hours. She didn’t tweet the reunion pic until 11:12 a.m. the next morning after she’d already been up a few hours. He had on a jacket and was wearing sunglasses, both showing he hadn’t spent the night with her. Saying he never stays ina hotel without tweeting a pic is just false. He didn’t in Indianapolis, for instance, where he spent 3 nights. You are grasping at straws to avoid the conclusion that their sexual relationship may be over. Whether it is or isn’t, he did not spend the night with her in NYC. As far as clubbing, Derek is in videos clubbing before and during the time he was with Shannon, though obviously more now since he is single again. He is not recovering from a breakup since it was his idea! Of course he has been shown with other women as well and may not be dating anybody. He wants to enjoy being single. But why put Marta down? She has other male friends but she is also single. If you notice, Marta never, ever mentions Derek in her tweets, even when they obviously plan to meet up. Derek has tweeted how much fun he had with the Krupas, but she never said a word. I think they both want to keep things on the down low. In answering a direct question from a radio interviewer, Derek said he did not ever foresee getting back together with Shannon. A flat NO. He could not have been more clear. As he said months earlier, “It’s always nice when you can end a relationship that way.” Key word being “End.” They will continue to be friends, but he used the same phrase, “I love her to death” that he used about his last dance partner, Joanna. Who he never even dated. This is a young man who has seen the ravages of divorce and is keen to keep good relationships with his ex’s. Shannon is his ex. It’s embarrassing how some keep dreaming they will get back together, because if a guy leaves you once he could do it again. By not even following Derek on Twitter when she follows so many others, Shannon is trying to move on with her life. Good for her. Those who constantly nag Derek about her in tweets, which I find cruel and insensitive, need to move on too. They may remain good friends, but they appear finished as a couple.

  12. PeggySue11 – Whether he is or is happier now may not have anything to do with her, but more how his career is going. To a guy, nothing as important as his work/career. But since you say pictures don’t lie, unfortunately I have to point out that when he hugged her for the cameras at the Diddy party, she did not smile a happy smile but the same kind of sad little smile with the bottom lip pushed up that she smiled in the video at the spa where she explained they were no longer a couple and he gently hit her on the arm and then hugged her. It’s heartwrenching to see. The only consolation is that she has said he’s not like people think he is, so she is under no illusions and probably never has been. It’s a testament to her how long they lasted despite his almost never being home and probably knowing, as he put it, that it was never going to go further. Even though he was accused of being cold when he said it, I do believe he was thinking of Shannon’s best interest when he said he thought Shannon and Jeff would make a good couple. She deserves someone in a similar station in life who has already made it and can shower her with love and attention 24/7, or close to it. No amount of attention from a young kid focused on a budding career who sees everything in the first person – “I went to Bora Bora” – can compare. I want only the best for her, and the best for her, sorry to say, is not Derek.

  13. Florida – You have the timeline confused. Look at Derek’s tweets: Just landed in new York … Couldn’t sleep on the plane . Oh well .. Going to try and enjoy the city for what little time I’m here .. 6:01 PM Nov 18th from Tweetie – At a surprise party for myley Cyrus in NY .. 80 s themed .. Good times .. 8:29 PM Nov 18th from Tweetie – Going to puffys 40 th birthday bash with Shannon tonight … Should be a good night .. Great to see two of my kids .. 6:50 PM Nov 19th from Tweetie. So he saw Shannon within 2 1/2 hours of arriving in NYC – probably checked into his hotel first – and the doggies just before noon the next day. Not only did Derek not tweet any photos of the hotel or hotel room in Indianapolis (3 days there!), but he didn’t tweet any from Des Moines, Iowa, either. No way did he stay overnight in Shannon’s apt. in NYC. He stayed in the hotel the show booked for him. And the big attraction with Marta is that she is a young, single, attractive female! He followed her on Twitter almost as soon as he met her. They were also bowling together at Joanna Pacitti’s birthday party. Not everything is captured in pics or videos.

  14. I really don’t know why any of this matters. It is Derek and Shannon’s business and unless they confide in you, you really don’t know the whole story. They are both attractive, successful people and will be in a relationship either with each other or others. I do not feel any need to bash either one of them. Let them live their lives!!!

  15. 1. I seriously doubt this item is true. 2. dahlia, you’ve obviously got some emotional baggage concerning these guys. What’s up? If anyone was begging to go to Diddy’s party, I bet it was Derek. He’s the party boy. My take is that they made a point of tweeting about going together so it would seem friendly and nobody would get the wrong idea. 3. I’m a big fan of Maksim but I hate how he has handled his breakup with Karina, especially his statements to the media. So immature, and it’s hurting his fans. Derek and Shannon have taken a different approach and I respect them for that. So what if one mentions the other more in tweets as long as it’s not bashing. I’d rather have that than what I’m going through with Maks. It must feel good for their fans to know they’re still friendly.

  16. My comment is directed to the author, Kelly Will. Kelly, untrue articles like this – your source was crap, almost totally made up – are hurtful to the people named in them. Why didn’t YOU verify this story before publishing it? GossipCop managed to get a statement from Derek’s rep debunking it. I never heard of Betty Confidential before, and now my only opinion is that it is garbage. It’s hard to overcome a bad first impression.

  17. One additional comment & I will not say more however in regards to the time line & Derek’s arrival in NYC. Both Derek & Shannon have stated that they love one another and talk all the time. I refuse to believe that they were not in touch after Derek’s elimination on DWTS.There is so much more going on in peoples lives than the tweets we see. I believe what they have said & that’s that they talk all the time. Derek bought a new suit as he needed a new suit. As to Derek not tweeting about Shannon I will say again that any time he has made an affectionate comments about Shannon as he did during the summer he is criticized for his comments by quote un quote well meaning fans.Also what does it matter where Derek stayed those 2 nights.Why wouldn’t he stay with Shannon? What’s the big deal, they are adults who lived together 1 1/2 years. So what’s wrong with them being together in NYC? I also agree that I love that there was no scandal involving Shannon & Derek & that they still have great things to say about one another.
    Annabell are you related to Marta who to me is a big time party girl who up until recently had a relationship and may still have a relationship with a dj in JoAnna’s fiancee club. Derek was set up with Marta by JoAnna who was match making or something. She dictated something in Polish for Derek to tweet to Marta. Something about hanging out to which Marta tweet back that she would like to hang out with Derek & Jo. And Annalee I disagree I think it was Shannon who ended the relationship with Derek. Derek was happy to be living in Shannon’s beautiful home and loved Shannon but he wanted to party. In other words he wanted her but on his terms. That was not good enough for Shannon so I believe she was the one who ended the relationship. If you go back to pic of Derek after the split he looked like hell. The fact that they are still friends is totally amazing to me. If it were me I would have sent him packing and not let him within 3 ft of my doggies or my home. Yet from what I can see & hear from them they have been in almost constant communication as I said before they both have said they talk all the time. I love that they ended their relationship the way they did. It was a classy move.

  18. Anyone who thinks Derek had just a little platonic visit with Shannon in New York is pretty delusional. He’s been seeing several women of late but is also took the first opportunity to see Shannon. The guy seems to be playing the field.

  19. To Florida: Derek didn’t need a new suit; he just got a new one for the Emmy Awards. I never suggested they hadn’t been talking regularly by phone. But it seems very farfetched to think she ended the relationship rather than the guy who no longer wanted to be a couple. They were both asked if there was any possibility they might get together in the future. Derek said a flat, firm NO. She said they weren’t a couple and were in different places in their lives but if he got to a new place “then maybe.” Who is the wistful one here? Not him. When did he look like hell? They broke up in July, not August. They merely announced it in August. Even before July you can find a lot of wire photos where he looks glum even though Shannon is walking with or behind him. He is the one who said the relationship was never going to progress further and that they were in two different places in their lives. Shannon said on the air, if a guy wants to leave, let him go. You think it was a coincidence she brought that up? Since when did Jo set him up with Marta? If you are suggesting he had to be persuaded to hang out with Marta, why did he tweet how much fun he was having with the Krupas? Why do the paps always ask him who is that beautiful girl? She is single just like Derek is. Marta has lots of friends and guys who adore her, but she’s not engaged or committed to any of them.
    To Happy Camper 926: I already explained the proof that Derek had not stayed overnight with Shannon his first night in NYC: In the reunion photo posted shortly before noon, he is wearing a jacket and sunglasses, not in his t-shirt at 8 in the morning when Shannon got up. It also looked more like an apartment outside hallway than in one of the rooms. The night after the Diddy party he had a very early morning flight and commented how smooth everything was. Maybe you think Shannon threw on jeans and a sweatshirt and drove him the 18 or so miles to the airport, but a hotel airport limousine seems much more likely to me, as does his staying in the hotel a second night, likely paid for by ABC. While I’m not declaring it was platonic, I acknowledge the possibility that it may have been; you dismiss the possibility out of hand. He did make a point, and so did his rep, to say he and Shannon were not dating.

  20. You guys really examine the Twitter posts that closely? That’s very scary.

    For the life of me I can’t understand why any of this matters. They’re friends. They seem happy. What’s the battle?

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