Dev Patel is Betty's Boyfriend of the Week

The Bettys are in love with Dev Patel.

Betty Boyfriend

Betty Boyfriend of the Week: Swoon-Worthy Dev Patel

And who’s in the Doghouse … and beyond

-The Bettys

Dev PatelUnless you saw Slumdog Millionaire, you’re probably wondering who Dev Patel is. If you have seen it, you’re firmly in our camp. Dev plays the lead, Jamal Malik, in Danny Boyle’s mesmerizing new film. Desperately in love with his childhood sweetheart, Jamal moves heaven and hell to find his long-lost (and lost, and lost again) love. He plays the role with the kind of understated intensity and vulnerable longing you just don’t see in movie heroes anymore. For this and more (especially his big brown eyes), we elect Dev Patel Betty Boyfriend of the Week.

In the Doghouse:

We’re not so in love with Sean Penn, however. Currently garnering rave reviews for his portrayal of gay activist/politician Harvey Milk, in Milk, Penn’s private life is not so gay-friendly. For palling around with haters of homosexuality, Raul Castro and Hugo Chavez, we’re putting Sean Penn in the Doghouse.

And beyond the Doghouse:

Into the hopefully VERY stinky outhouse goes Bernie Maddoff. Why this guy is allowed to be under “house arrest” in his multi-million-dollar apartment after he’s stolen millions – possibly billions – of other people’s money is beyond us. And why is the mook who steals your wallet on the subway a thief, but the dude who rips off billions, merely a fraud? Here’s hoping his new accommodations are even worse than a port-o-san on St. Patrick’s Day.

Last week’s boyfriend, Stephen Colbert

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