Betty's First $1,000 Winner Is …

The first winner of the 'Betty Pays the Bills' contest has been announced!

Betty Winners

Betty’s First $1,000 Winner Is …

You could be next!

-The Bettys

Diane Johnson, winner of the 'Betty Pays the Bills' contest.And the first winner of $1,000 in the Betty Pays the Bills contest is … Diane Johnson of Cottage Grove, Minn. A retired junior high art teacher in inner-city St. Paul, Johnson has been married to her former high school sweet heart for 42 years.

Johnson said a friend sent her a link to our contest, and she decided to enter. When she found out she won, here first reaction was disbelief.

“When I first saw the subject area of your e-mail that indicated I was a winner, my reaction was, ‘Yeah, sure, what’s the catch?’ After reading your note, I ran out of the room and yelled to my husband that I had just won $1,000. He scrambled up the stairs and said, ‘I HAVE to see that!’

Diane says she’s never won anything like this beyond samples of shampoo, food products or coupons.

So what will she do with the winnings?

“Since it snowed here (again) last night, our first thought was to fly someplace warm. But more realistically, the washer has been making some strange noises lately, and it’s too old to repair. A new, energy-efficient machine would be wonderful.”

“Thank-you so much for this thrilling win,” she added. “For the rest of my life, any time I see or hear “Betty,” I will think of this.”

Because this contest was such a success, our fearless leader, Deborah Perry Piscione, Betty’s co-founder and CEO, has said we’re going to do it again. But this time with a twist …

“This time around, wants to hear from the audience,” she explains. “We’re asking readers to write to us about what they’d DO with the $1,000, if they win. Then, we’ll pick 10 favorite entries, and we’ll post them and ask the Betty community to vote for a winner. We know the millions of women who visit are, like everyone else, concerned about the economy – and this is our way of reaching out and paying attention.”

So Bettys, what would YOU do with $1,000? Let us know, and maybe you’ll be able to do just that!

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  1. Congratulations! : )

    It seems strange that there are so few commenters (even fewer when you exclude those who work for Betty) when “millions” of women visit this site.

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