Daily Dish: Did Lindsay Lohan Get Plastic Surgery?

A top doc weighs in on the did-she-didn't-she dispute.

Daily Dish: Did Lindsay Lohan Get Plastic Surgery?

A top doc weighs in on the did-she-didn’t-she dispute.

-Carolyn French

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is having one major headache of a week, what with needing to file a restraining order against her own flesh and blood on top of having to deal with the current gossip surrounding her once outstanding physique.

PopEater is reporting that the actress may have had some work done, which is evident to anyone who possesses a pair of eyes. The site asked a board-certified plastic surgeon — who does not treat the starlet — to weigh in on the debate, and after viewing several photos of the 23-year-old Dr. Tony Youn laid down his professional opinion.

“Lindsay appears to have undergone a lot of changes over the past several years,” the surgeon told PopEater. “She appears to have aged 15 years! Her skin shows signs of premature aging, with solar damage, pigmentary blemishes, fine wrinkles and coarseness not typically seen in a person her age. Plus, her lips appear inflated to drastic proportions, resembling the ‘trout pout’ of some Hollywood celebrities.”

Youn also stated that Lindsay’s hard-partying lifestyle isn’t helping matters, as “drug and alcohol abuse are second only to sun abuse in causing premature aging,” according to the doctor. What’s more, he revealed that smoking “is the worst of all” and we know how much LiLo loves to light up.

It’s truly heartbreaking that the actress is ruining her beautiful looks … anyone up for staging an intervention? (PopEater.com)

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