Diet Like a Guy

5 tips to drop weight fast

Eating Smart

Diet Like a Guy

5 Tips to Drop Weight Fast

-Susan Crandell

Man on scaleWhen it comes to losing weight, men start out with some totally unfair disadvantages. With more muscle mass than women, they burn food faster. Experts estimate that their metabolism can run as much as 10 percent hotter than ours. And because they’re bigger – thirty pounds heavier, on average, than we are – they can eat bigger portions without gaining.

Adding insult to injury, recent research at Brookhaven National Laboratory suggests their brains are better at suppressing appetite. In the study, women just couldn’t stop thinking about a forbidden food.

We can’t change our biology. But we can borrow a page from our guy’s playbook when it comes to psychology. Men approach dieting in a different way. Looking over their shoulders, here are 5 ways we can improve our odds of success.

Just Say No. Women chisel away at their calories, taking a smaller portion of this or that, while men pick up the machete and cut out a whole category of food – dessert, bread, pasta, beer. This technique works because the rules are so clear: no bargaining involved. You don’t cut a weensy slice of cheesecake; you don’t eat it at all. An important corollary is the no-drinks rule: rule out any liquid with calories (beer, wine, sweetened soda, juice), and you can painlessly remove hundreds of calories each day.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. The New York Times just ran a story about a phenomenon I’ve observed many times: Men betting on their ability to drop the pounds. You win the pot by losing your pot. Don’t want to wager with friends? There are websites where you can compete with a stranger: and

Train Like a Triathlete. Work out like somebody who’s getting ready for a race. The secret: interval training. If you pump up your workout by alternating periods of high effort and recovery time, you’ll boost your calorie burn while you’re exercising and afterward. can get you going.

Don’t Overthink It. Here’s where psychology comes in. Men don’t buy piles of diet books, consult dozens of web sites. They pick a plan and go. Truth be told, most diets work. You don’t have to become a nutritionist to lose weight; you just have to stick with the plan.

Have No Regrets. We women are such perfectionists, and we beat ourselves up when we backslide or plateau. If your honey’s up a few pounds mid-diet, do you think he frets and stews and plays the blame game? Not a chance. With a sly, almost proud smile – look what a bad boy I am – he climbs back on the wagon and starts losing again.

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4 thoughts on “Diet Like a Guy

  1. I think another thing that men do is they don’t snack between meals. They’ll eat a big sandwich for lunch, but then go for hours without eating until they’re hungry again. I’ve also noticed that they’re better at combining foods–eating something wiht protein, carbs and some fat, rather than doing what women do: order a salad, a Diet coke and a cookie for lunch. By 3 p.m., we women are looking for M&Ms to tide us over until dinner. How do I know? I’m guilty of this! : )

  2. As a man I would say psychology does play a part. Particularly in that guys do not obsess about their weight and generally have their own personal “happy” weight as opposed to some specific actual number.

    For example my other half will deny herself everything and work out like crazy to achieve her target, whereas I will eat regular normal meals, hit the gym as necessary until I look in proportion in the mirror. There is no greater Science to it for me and I would say for the other average fit and healthy guys out there as well.

    Another pressure that I do not think is raised nearly enough as it should be is the issue of the media impact. You lovely ladies take in the images you see of celebrities and aspire to look as gaunt and skeletal on the misguided notion that this is what men want. This is not your fault, but it certainly has an impact upon how women perceive their bodies.

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