Displaying Multiple Photo Frames

Decorator Chris Kasubinski offers ideas on creative and inexpensive wall art.

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Displaying Multiple Photo Frames

Creative and inexpensive wall art

-Chris Kasubinski, decorator

Frames on a wallHanging multiple frames of photographs on the wall is a great way to express your creativity.

The frames should be hung at the approximate eye level of a person standing between 5’6″ and 5’8″. The goal is to enjoy the photographs at a natural level. When creating a display on a large wall, hang the frames close together rather than scattered across the space. Try to hang the frames equidistant from each other, but centered over your focal point, which might be a piece of furniture.

The individual frames you use should be closely related but they don’t need to be identical. Use the same color even if you use a variety of styles. If you mat the photographs, use the same color mat on each.

The best way to decide how to arrange the frames on the wall is to first arrange them on the floor. It will be easier to move things around and get a feel for the overall effect. Grab a few brown paper grocery bags and put each frame onto the paper. Trace around each frame and cut it out. In the end, you will have a duplicate of each frame that you can rearrange on the floor and then tape onto the wall. Continue to rearrange the pieces until you are satisfied with the look. Next, nail the frame hooks into the wall right over the taped-up paper and it will rip away easily.

If you are building a photograph arrangement over time, start by placing your frames in the center of your chosen wall space. You can gradually add around this cluster without having to take pieces down, patch holes and start over.

Lastly, stand back and admire your beautiful works of art!

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  1. i always enjoyed seeing multiple frame displays in other people’s homes (ex: celebs’ Tori and Dean), but I didn’t know if I could pull it off. With this article, I just may do it!

  2. I know! I have a sorta display like this on my wall at home, but I LOVE the suggestion to arrange the brown paper bags and then nail them in the wall to get the nails in place! Brilliant!

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