Do You Hate Your Ex? That's Good!

A study finds that anger helps you move on.

Do You Hate Your Ex? That’s Good!

A study finds that anger helps you move on.

-Jane Farrell

Angry woman

Go ahead – trash your ex. It’ll make you feel better—and you may even ward off post-breakup depression, researchers found.

The study, conducted by experts at the University of Utah, questioned undergraduates who had broken up with someone after a relationship that lasted at least four months. They filled out a computer test that evaluated their reaction to “negative words” – including the name of their boyfriend or girlfriend.

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Those who had stronger negative reactions, the study found, also reported being less depressed than the respondents who were more moderate in their answers.

What’s more, when the respondents were re-tested a month later, the people whose negative reactions had grown stronger now felt less depressed than they did when answering the first survey.

Because of “the importance of negative evaluations in post-breakup adjustments,” the researchers said, it’s a possibility that friends and family might help by “drawing attention to the negative aspects of the relationship.”

In other words, call your girlfriends for a bitchfest! (Chronicle of Higher Education)

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