We Want Your Thoughts on the 2008 Presidential Election

Do YOU Have Something to Say About the Elections?

Speak Up!

Do YOU Have Something to Say About the Elections?

Let your voice be heard!

-April Daniels Hussar

McCain Obama

We recently received this email, passed on to us by one of our editors:

“I have one request of BettyConfidential – Please have them cover both sides of the presidential campaign fairly. It is definitely an Obama love fest!! I really enjoy
your contributions, but I get a bit frustrated with the campaign coverage.”

And to that we say … SPEAK UP LADIES! Have something to say about why you support one of the candidates? Have an opinion about a campaign issue? Tell us! We offer this space as a place for YOUR voice to be heard, and we don’t care if you’re red, blue or orange with polka-dots! We just want to know what YOU’RE thinking, and why.

Send your submissions to me (april@bettyconfidential.com) – I’m the managing editor – and even if I don’t agree with you I’ll still print you, because, thank goodness, that’s one of the great things about living in this country. We can all speak up!

And if writing isn’t your thing, join the conversation over in our BettyTalk PULSE room – we frequently highlight what we overhear in there as well.

Betty on!

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