Does One Couple Really Need All Those Gifts?

One woman's irritation at how many gifts soon-to-be married couples seem to demand.

I’m Losing It

How Many Gifts Does One Couple Need?

Are you getting married or soliciting donations?


A married couple at their weddingIf I ever get married, I’m going to city hall. This year sealed it. All my friends are getting married, and I’m going broke. Believe me, I have no problem shelling out for a wedding present. I’m happy my friends found love, and I am pleased as fruit punch to celebrate their unions with them. What I don’t get is why people in their 30s and 40s (some on their second and third marriages) need to have so many parties leading up to the main event.

Someone else has already covered bachelor parties here, but what of the bachelorette bash or the myriad showers? Why would couples who’ve been living together for years suddenly need a set of pots or pricey new salt and pepper shakers? Don’t even get me started on the theme showers – lingerie, recipe, “stock the pantry”” – the list is endless. If by her 30s the bride doesn’t have enough underwear, recipes or spices, I fail to see how that’s my problem.

Oh, and then there are the bold solicitations for cash! “Contribute to our honeymoon!” read one invite. “Help us buy our first house,” read another. I have to believe Miss Emily Post is spinning in her grave. Thankfully none of my friends have opted for the dread “destination wedding” (aka use up all your vacation days at some crap resort you have no choice in choosing). I guess I can be grateful for that – but not much else!

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